Is The WWE Bringing Big E Back To The New Day On Monday Night Raw?

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The WWE broke the hearts of many fans in 2020 when a reshuffling between the Monday Night Raw and SmackDown rosters resulted in the split of the major tag team The New Day. While Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston have remained a part of the iconic tag team, they've gone without their third member Big E Langston ever since they were drafted away from SmackDown back in October 2020. Now, less than a year after that split, there have been rumblings pointing to the trio soon getting back together, with a twist.

Is the WWE truly planning on bringing one of the best tag teams of all time back to full strength, or is this some kind of cruel joke? The WWE hasn't made anything official, but a recent tweet from WrestleVotes featured some interesting rumor details about Big E Langston's future, and the possibility of him reuniting with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston.

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According to this rumor, Big E Langston would be back within The New Day stable, with support from his former teammates, with the key difference being that he would still be considered a singles competitor from a belt-seeking perspective. That would presumably mean a majority of his matches would be in pursuit of titles like the United States Championship, or even the WWE Championship. The rumor doesn't say whether or not Big E would still participate in traditional or three-way tag matches, but given the "Freebird rule" the WWE adheres to, I don't think it would be out of the question.

Big E Langston joining the WWE's main event scene on Monday Night Raw would be big not just for the wrestler but for the show itself. The weekly USA telecast has been lacking in superstar-filled marquee matches as of late, with many of the potential big players either missing in action or tied up in other feuds. Even with the possibility of a vet like Brock Lesnar on the way, Big E would be a great week-to-week talent to spice up the action on Monday Night Raw in a big way.

Plus, I think most WWE fans would agree that while Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston have carried The New Day banner well in Big E's absence, it's not quite as great without him in the mix. His saucy dancing, his introductions, and his overall goofiness are such enjoyable assets for the group, so it'd be great to see him back on a regular basis. Of course, I should note once again that this is all just rumored at the moment, so fans shouldn't get too excited about the idea of the group getting back together just yet. Though maybe showing support for it on social media could sway the Powers That Be at the WWE.

Monday Night Raw airs on USA on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Be sure to keep an eye on the news as SummerSlam draws closer, especially with the tease of a very prominent wrestler's return.

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