A List Of The Most Searched 90s Christmas Movies By State Came Out, And I'm Rattled At Some Of These Choices

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Every year, families around the country snuggle in and put on their favorite Holiday flick. Some families go the traditional route, and watch Jimmy Stewart experience the joy of Christmas in It’s a Wonderful Life. Some go for a modern romp like Elf, and love to laugh and learn some lessons while watching Will Farrell try to navigate the unfamiliar world of New York City. Many however find comfort in 90s favorites, like Home Alone, The Santa Clause, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Recently, the most searched 90s Christmas Movies were broken down by state, and there are definitely some unexpected searches. 

There are definitely some usual suspects one would expect coming from the list. The Santa Clause was the most searched 90s holiday movie, with 12 states having it at number one. In second place was Home Alone 2: Lost in New York which came in first in 10 states. However there were some shockers. Jingle All the Way was the number one searched film in 7 states. The film is a less than stellar holiday film, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad. Not exactly a modern classic, however it surprisingly left an impact, and a lot of people consider it top-tier. 

Also oddly enough, Olive, the Other Reindeer was the most searched 90s Christmas movie in Rhode Island. While this may not sound like a familiar title, to the smallest state, it’s a holiday favorite. The film is a 1999 animated flick featuring a voice performance from Drew Barrymore. It was based on a children’s book about a Jack Russell terrier that wants to be a reindeer. It was a television film that premiered on Nickelodeon. Good for Rhode Island for mixing it up this year.

Another unlikely favorite is Home for the Holidays, which came at number one in Ohio and Louisiana. While on paper it’s not much of a surprise, it’s a lovely film directed by Jodi Foster starring Robert Downey Jr and Holly Hunter about a girl returning home after losing her job. However fitting the title may seem, the movie is actually a Thanksgiving flick and doesn’t feature Christmas at all. I guess the “is it a Christmas movie” debate over several holiday films is never ending. Regardless, it’s a great watch about crazy families and returning to old stomping ground. It definitely is worth the watch. 

West Virginia also came in with a strange addition to the Christmas movies list. The mountain state ranked the Steve Martin film Mixed Nuts as their number one searched film this Christmas. This is a very strange movie directed by Nora Ephron about an absolutely bonkers night during the holiday season. It’s a dark comedy, so it may not have the same family friendly reach that most of these films have on the list, but I guess for West Virginia, Mixed Nuts is a staple. Thankfully West Virginians can currently stream it with a Peacock subscription. 

I guess everyone has their own preferences when it comes to holiday movies from the 90s. While some go with notable Christmas crowd-pleasers, some go the untraditional route, and carve their own, unique Christmas traditions. For information on where to watch some of these movies this holiday season, make sure to check out our 2022 Christmas movie schedule. 

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