A Shirtless Orlando Bloom Looks Back On Being Told He'd Never Walk Again And Pouring Sweat Into Beating Those Odds

Orlando Bloom in Carnival Row.
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Orlando Bloom became a big name in showbiz in the early 2000s thanks to the Lord of the Rings film trilogy and his debut as Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but he sustained an injury at the age of 19 that could have changed the entire course of his career. He was once told that he would never walk again, but in a new shirtless workout video post on social media, he looks back on that injury and how far he has come by the age of 45.

In a recent Instagram post, Orlando Bloom shows off his abs and impressive back muscles while also looking back at the time a doctor told him he would never walk again. Obviously, he beat those odds, and I have a feeling some serious exercise helped him do it. You can check out the post below, including a couple videos that certainly show off his dedication to staying fit and mobile:

According to Orlando Bloom, he was 19 when he broke his back and a doctor told him he would never be able to walk again. This would have been at the very beginning of his career in the late ‘90s, and while the news would be devastating for pretty much anyone, the added factor of the end of a potential flourishing Hollywood career would be enough to completely destroy the morale of even the strongest of people. 

Apparently Orlando Bloom didn’t let it get him too down, though, because just a few years later he would emerge as the elf Legolas in one of the most iconic fantasy franchises, well, ever. His role in The Lord of the Rings not only had him walking, but running, lunging, and jumping as he helped escort Frodo towards Mordor and fight enemies along the way. 

That is one serious recovery, and while he didn’t moon us in this post, you can even see the long scar along his spine in the last video. The scar is minimal, though, and his many muscles are definitely the dominating features of his back.

Orlando Bloom might not be in the upcoming Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Amazon series, but he remains a big part of the culture behind the franchise, and his contribution to the original film trilogy is even more impressive considering his back was broken not too long before filming the first movie. 

While the upcoming LOTR series won't premiere until September of this year, those with an Amazon Prime subscription will be able to stream the show and enter Middle Earth from the comfort of their own home in just a few months. You can also revisit the LOTR trilogy featuring Bloom streaming now with an HBO Max subscription

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