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LOTR's Orlando Bloom Is Bumming Around This Weekend And By Bumming Around, I Mean Mooning The Camera

Orlando Bloom in LOTR early in his career

I think it’s safe to say at this point that Orlando Bloom is an actor who enjoys being in the buff. Around five years since he famously went naked on a paddleboard with his bikini clad then-girlfriend Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom was bumming around this weekend. And by bumming around, I mean mooning the camera after a nice-looking swim.

When the Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean and Carnival Row fan favorite decides to take a break, he relaxes in a notable manner. This weekend, he shared a post swimming in what was (presumably) the buff and then later cheekily even mooned the camera, sharing with his fans. There’s actually a family on the other side of the lake when he does this, but he’s holding a towel or clothing item in a particularly strategic place. To note, he's basically covered in the post, so it's basically safe for work, as long as your boss doesn't mind you mooning over naked celebs...

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Some of Orlando Bloom’s pals and co-stars shot over emojis and comments on the Instagram post, but my favorite came from veteran producer and actress Roma Downey, who simply responded “peachy.” Josh Brolin -- a dude who also seemingly likes to be naked and once even shared Thanos' butt on social media -- also shot the LOTR actor some positive vibes in the form of rock on emojis.

Meanwhile, Katy Perry, who is now engaged to her partner, has spoken out in the past about Orlando Bloom’s other infamous -- and full frontal -- moment in the papers. She said that Bloom was sort of in European mode when he went naked on the paddleboard and some photographers caught photos of the couple. The images were striking because she was clothed and he totally wasn't, but Perry has said it wasn’t a setup for the paparazzi and she simply had wanted to keep her own suit on. She told Howard Stern last year:

Well he tried to get me there and I was like ‘nah.’I mean, I would have never, like, set him up. If I had a real thought, butlike in the back of my mind, I am Jim Carrey in The Truman Show a little bit, so I thought maybe there would be a chance. I guess I would say I'm a little bit more of the pragmatic in the partnership. Well it was Europe. Honestly, we had had a pretty chill time for a week and everywhere we looked it was like everybody was naked. It was Europe, it was Italy, and I think he wanted to fit in with the locals. It was the end of the trip.

Years later, it looks like Orlando Bloom is still occasionally letting it all hang out in the sunshine. Honestly, he looks like he’s loving every minute of it. Not a bad way to celebrate reaching the end of the dog days of summer. He deserves a break, particularly given the lengthy shoot and waiting game the actor has played ahead of the release of Season 2 of his Amazon series Carnival Row. We'll keep you updated when we have more info about what's coming up for the actor, but in the meantime if he decides to get cheeky again, I'm sure his fans will support it.

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