After Being Charged With Four Counts Of Sexual Assault In The UK, Kevin Spacey Releases 'Confident' Response

Kevin Spacey was fired from his role in the lead of House of Cards following allegations of sexual assault and his career has not recovered. While Spacey has made an new movie that was recently looking for distribution at the Cannes Film Festival, it could not have come at a worse time for him, as he’s been charged with sexual assault in the U.K. However, the Usual Suspects actor is now saying publicly that he is confident he will prevail in court.

Kevin Spacey was recently charged with four counts of sexual assault involving three men, stemming from his time as the artistic director of the Old Vic Theater. While there was some question following the charges weather it would mean Spacey would be extradited, the actor recently told GMA (via Deadline) that he will be going to the UK himself to face the charges, and that he clearly proclaims his innocence. Spacey said in part…

While I am disappointed with their decision to move forward, I will voluntarily appear in the UK as soon as can be arranged and defend myself against these charges, which I am confident will prove my innocence.

Back in 2017 actor Anthony Rapp accused Kevin Spacey of making advances toward him when he was 14-years-old. Since then, a number of additional accusations have surfaced that have kept Spacey battling in both civil and criminal court. All previous criminal complaints, prior to this U.K. case, have been dropped for a variety of reasons. Anthony Rapp’s civil claim against Spacey is still ongoing.

Few details are known about the specific charges against him at this point. We don’t know know who the men are or what specifically the circumstances surrounding the alleged assaults was, beyond the fact that one of the charges is for “causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent.”

The allegations had an immediate impact on Kevin Spacey’s career that continue to this day. Netflix’s House of Cards fired Spacey from the show, though it continued one final season with Robin Wright taking on the lead. His then upcoming movie, All the Money in the World, from director Ridley Scott, saw all of Spacey’s scenes reshot with actor Christopher Plummer taking over Spacey’s role. 

Kevin Spacey has largely remained out of the spotlight in recent years, save for the occasional very odd YouTube video where Spacey plays a version of his House of Cards character. Spacey has now begun to work in film again. Peter Five Eight is the new movie that was recently being shopped around Cannes. He also has two other films in production. Previously, Spacey had completed a biopic about Gore Vidal, that has never been released.  

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