After Machine Gun Kelly’s Cover Of A Paramore Classic Goes Viral On TikTok, Emos Are Outraged

It was never just a phase! The emo kids are alive and thriving in this current punk resurgence that includes Twilight fans binging the saga again, Robert Pattinson’s emo eyeliner Batman and artists like My Chemical Romance, Avril Lavigne and Paramore coming together for a sold-out festival later this year. That being said, fans are absolutely not here for Machine Gun Kelly covering Paramore’s “Misery Business.” 

MGK has carved a place for himself in the pop punk world after previously establishing himself as a rapper prior to his 2020 album Tickets To My Downfall. Within the platinum-selling album, Machine Gun Kelly covered Paramore’s 2007 classic “Misery Business,” and TikTok just got ahold of it. Check out the reaction: 


♬ Misery Business - Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker

The cover was released over a year ago, and yet the internet has decided to talk about it now, and they are not happy. A number of former emo kids took to the social media platform to take a dig at Megan Fox’s man


not an ounce of range. The DISRESPECT to hayley

♬ Misery Business - Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker

That’s right, MGK’s “Misery Business” has Paramore fans in tears! The nerve! Of course, Machine Gun Kelly is clearly a fan of the punk band and wanted to pay tribute to the band’s most popular tune, but not like this, my dude. Here’s another response to the cover: 


♬ Misery Business - Machine Gun Kelly & Travis Barker

Making fun of the MGK cover has gone so viral, Twitter is targeting the singer too! The clever stabs continue… 

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While there’s clearly some disdain for Machine Gun Kelly’s cover of “Misery Business,” it also reminded fans of the genre just how great Hayley Williams’ vocals are in their hit song. It also goes to show how passionate their fans are even as we are going on five years since hearing new tunes from Paramore as a band.  

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Previously, TikTok brought Paramore’s “Misery Business” back into the headlines when it became a trend to mash up Olivia Rodrigo’s punk hit “good 4 u” with the 2007 classic. As a result of it going viral, Rodrigo later decided to give songwriting credits to Hayley Williams and her former songwriting collaborator/band member Josh Farro, for whom she in turn gave up millions in royalties. Rodrigo is a Paramore fan as well, and shared that she was “inspired” by the banger when writing “good 4 u.” In the spirit of all the love for “Misery Business,” check out the original: 

What’s funny is the band itself decided to retire the song from playing live after Hayley Williams found herself reflecting on the lyrics she wrote as a teenager, and feels it doesn’t promote “female empowerment or solidarity.” While MGK’s strengths may not be in tributing all-time favorite tunes, the singer will crop up in more upcoming movies following his recent appearance in Jackass Forever

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