After Rumors Swirl That Daniel Craig’s Final Bond Movie No Time To Die Could Lose Millions, MGM Responds

Almost two months have passed since No Time To Die’s domestic theatrical release. Facing the challenges of a pandemic influenced market, rumors have swirled that Daniel Craig’s final James Bond movie could lose millions of dollars in its box office run. Some seem to think there’s validity to those claims, but MGM, the studio home of 007, has responded with a huge vote of confidence that the naysayers couldn’t be further from the truth. 

MGM’s Statement On No Time To Die’s Box Office Success

Reporting on the updated box office picture, Variety dug through the latest receipts in light of “industry sources” stating that the long delayed finale of the Craig era could suffer “substantial” monetary losses. It’s a notion that’s been baked in for some time, as the word on the street had estimated that $900 million was the break-even point for No Time To Die’s total theatrical outlook. However, in their official rebuttal, the folks at MGM made the following claims: 

Unnamed and uninformed sources suggesting the film will lose money are categorically unfounded and put more simply, not true. The film has far exceeded our theatrical estimates in this timeframe, becoming the highest grossing Hollywood film in the international marketplace and passing F9 to become the highest grossing Hollywood film since the pandemic. With the PVOD release of the film already doing stellar home viewing business, all while continuing to hold well theatrically, No Time To Die will earn a profit for MGM, both as an individual film title and as part of MGM’s incredible library.

This debate comes after MGM, Universal Pictures, and EON Productions have seen No Time To Die become the highest grossing Hollywood release worldwide. It’s good news under the current circumstances, and with MGM’s counterclaim that PVOD and future library activity not quite as easily debunked as cold hard numbers, there’s wiggle room for everyone’s point of view. How much room is dependent on how you look at the current grosses from around the globe. 

How Much Did No Time To Die Make At The Box Office?

At the time of this writing, No Time To Die has made an estimated $758.1 million in worldwide grosses. Those numbers, courtesy of Box Office Mojo, are decidedly roughly $142 million away from the commonly mentioned break-even point of $900 million. James Bond’s latest adventure is still making its way through international release, with some decent legs on UK and US screens accompanying the continued Australian release. Could this continued success have already made a profit for a movie that seemed to have a long road uphill? 

It’s possible, but that would seriously depend on the numbers for PVOD rentals, as well as just how much money being “part of MGM’s incredible library” could add to the totals. For now, it’s hard to tell just how accurate either side of this story is; and that’s without discussing what the pending Amazon acquisition might do. It’s easier to just realize that the ride’s not over yet, and James Bond will return to make up whatever difference remains when the accountants have had their say. 

No Time To Die is currently available for PVOD rental, with its physical release slated to arrive on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD on December 21st. If you’re looking for your next night out at the movies, the 2021 release schedule is where you want to head next. Though if you’re already focused on holiday shopping, our 007 gift guide is ready for you to complete that special seasonal mission.  

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