After Rumors Swirled About Alleged Drama Between Florence Pugh, Olivia Wilde And Harry Styles, What’s Really Going On?

Olivia Wilde has been showing off her directing talents for the second time with Don’t Worry Darling about an unhappy 1950’s housewife who discovers her husband holds a dark secret. While this psychological thriller has much drama to uphold, the same can be said for what is happening behind the scenes. After it was discovered that the film’s male lead Harry Styles has allegedly been having an affair with Olivia Wilde, here is what is speculated about the alleged feud between the film's female lead, Florence Pugh and Wilde.  

One Direction’s Harry Styles was hired by Wilde to replace Shia LaBeouf after being fired from the film and a new romance allegedly blossomed between the two of them while on set. However, there are rumors that not everyone is happy about that. An inside source told PageSix that Florence Pugh was not happy seeing the Dunkirk star and the Booksmart director all over each other on set when Wilde was still with Ted Lasso’s Jason Sudeikis (her former partner of nine years) at the time. Another insider said that the Sudeikis would bring their kids on set while visiting which made everyone uncomfortable. The emotions of people on set would make sense considering more rumors circulated that Styles was the reason for the former couple split up in 2020-- which reportedly left the SNL vet very distraught. 

A little detective work from social media users found it strange that when Wilde posted the first trailer of Don’t Worry Darling on her Instagram, Pugh failed to “like” the post. Despite the lack of likes from her female lead, the 38-year-old director was still trying to get on the Little Women actress’s good side as she posted a photo of her watching her behind the camera with the caption “Watching this woman work was such a fucking thrill! Cannot wait to show you more.” 

The English actress was still silent, but not silent enough to post about another upcoming project of hers- the first trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer where she joined the cast as American psychiatrist and physician Jean Tatlock. Could Florence Pugh be freezing Olivia Wilde out? That same unnamed source had an explanation for why Pugh reportedly spoke about one project but stayed silent on the other.

I heard she was already scheduled to post [about ‘Oppenheimer’] that day for some specific reason, it had nothing to do with a response to Olivia.

The 26-year-old actress has said some nice things about Don’t Worry Darling before. She spoke that working with Harry Styles was great and that he was a real professional. She’s also said that she loved getting ready for hair and makeup everyday as “everything looks delicious and golden.” However, she still hasn’t said anything at all about working with her director. A Hollywood insider believes that everything will change once more promotions for the film start coming with the release date drawing closer and closer.

Florence is shooting ‘Dune’ right now and out of pocket. I’m sure she will be front and center for the [‘Don’t Worry Darling’] promo. Once the promo starts in late August, early September, I’m sure she’ll be visible.

These three Don’t Worry Darling cast members are expected to reunite in just a few weeks on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival for the world premiere of their new movie. I’m sure all eyes will be on them as we’ll see what they say about each other during interviews and if we’ll finally get to hear Florence Pugh send some praise about Olivia Wilde. You can see Don’t Worry Darling hit theaters on September 23rd as well as on your HBO Max subscription 45 days later.

Carly Levy
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