Florence Pugh Knows People Are Going To Ask Her About Working With Harry Styles Over And Over, Shares Her Thoughts Anyway

Florence Pugh in the sun, Don't Worry Darling trailer.
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Florence Pugh’s had a big moment in Hollywood lately. She’s starred in Black Widow and the subsequent Disney+ series Hawkeye, she wore a headline-making sheer, edgy dress to a Valentino fashion show, and next up she’s set to star in the hotly-anticipated Don’t Worry Darling opposite none other than singer-turned-actor Harry Styles. Of course, people have already started asking her about it. 

On the blue carpet in support of a Tiffany and Co. opening in London, Pugh got an early taste at a question she thinks will be coming over and over again, and soon. When asked about working with Styles, Pugh did go ahead and humor the London Live interviewer, calling her co-star “great.”

Of course. I think, obviously, everyone is going to be asking that question. But [he was] a total professional and it was a great experience working together.

I mean I wasn’t exactly her expecting her to say “totally horrid,” but the actress does make a good point. The "As It Was" singer has appeared in films before, but he's still mostly known as a singer, and him taking on a leading role in Don't Worry Darling has been a big topic of conversation. That's even more true given Styles started dating director Olivia Wilde during the making of the film. To note, Florence Pugh and Harry Styles get pretty hot and heavy as a husband-wife duo in the movie, so they obviously worked very closely together. So, overall there's been a lot of interest in the movie and the people involved. 

Florence Pugh did manage to sidestep saying anything significant about the film, but she did share things to get excited about ahead of Don't Worry Darling. In fact, she talked about the hues and the makeup department for quite a chunk of time. She said "it was a joy to walk into the hair and makeup trailer every day" and noted "the way that everything looks delicious and golden" in the footage we've seen has been awesome. 

If you’ve seen the Don’t Worry Darling trailer you may already get why there's not much that's being said about the plot itself. If you haven't checked it out you can do so below.  

We do know some things about Don't Worry Darling, but the mystery behind the psychological thriller is one of its most intriguing aspects. The good news? The movie hits the 2022 release schedule on September 23, so we don't have too long to wait to find out what's what. The bad news for Pugh? This probably means there are way more Harry Styles questions coming down the pipeline. 

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