Alec Baldwin's Daughter Ireland Dropped Pics From Her Strip Club-Themed Baby Shower, And Yes, There Are Lots Of Strippers

Baby showers are usually not the sexiest parties that you will attend. Often get togethers only for women, though more frequently co-ed these days, they are celebrations of an impending birth where the highlights are usually very silly games and looking at baby clothes. But they don’t have to be like that. Alec Baldwin’s daughter Ireland recently had a baby shower thrown in her honor, and it took place at a strip club.

Yes, it sounds a little wild, and based on the photos it was just as crazy as you might expect the phrase “strip club baby shower” to be. All the usual strip club elements were there, like free-flowing dollar bills, cheap food in a dark building, and of course, strippers. It also had all the stuff you’d expect to see at a baby shower, like cake and balloons. Check it out.

Needless to say, this looks like one hell of a party. It’s not that baby showers can’t be enjoyable. They’re an excuse to get together with friends and family, which is especially exciting these days when it might still have been a long time since hosting a large party. But they’re usually a lot more subdued than this one looks. Maybe all baby showers need strippers?

Celebrities certainly raise the bar when it comes to baby showers. Kaley Cuoco recently had one that included drones. It makes Rebel Wilson's more traditional baby shower seem almost pedestrian. 

Everybody in attendance looks to be having a pretty good time, that includes the mother of the mother-to-be, actress Kim Basinger, who is in a couple of the pictures with her daughter. There's even one picture of mother and daughter where the mother-to-be has her underwear stuffed with dollar bills. So yeah, this was not your normal baby shower. It’s unclear what Alec Baldwin, who has previously objected to pictures his daughter posts, thinks of all this. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot of the comments on Ireland’s Instagram are not appreciating the fun time that everybody had. They think all of this was in very bad taste and inappropriate. Some seem to feel that a strip club baby shower is evidence of the fall of civilization, which seems to be giving Ireland Baldwin a lot of credit. But not everybody is like that. A few people think this party looks like fun and really that’s what matters.

While it’s called a baby shower, the party is really for a bunch of adults, so if they want to celebrate at a strip club, why the heck not? Everybody looks like they had a great time, and it appears to have certainly been memorable. And whenever this kid actually visits a strip club for the first time a couple of decades from now, mom can laugh about “baby’s first strip club.” 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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