Alec Baldwin Has Some Blunt Thoughts About His Daughter's Skimpy New Picture

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Toward the end of the weekend, model Ireland Baldwin posted a skimpy photo on her Instagram page. The picture has garnered attention, but it wasn't well-received by one particularly noteworthy individual: Alec Baldwin, Ireland's father. In the comment section, the actor/television personality made his objections to the social media post known to all, and the displeased reaction is earning a few reactions from fellow online commenters. First, here's Alec's fairly curt comment.

No. Just ... no.

While Alec Baldwin is known to speak his mind on many things, he is a man of few words on this occasion. While it would be embarrassing for any daughter to deal with these kinds of comments from their disapproving father, it must be doubly embarrassing when your dad is Alec Baldwin, the actor who has something of a career resurgence of late with his famous, award-winning (and fairly controversial) impression of President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. Baldwin's profile is pretty big at the moment, and when he makes a disapproving comment on Instagram, people will notice it. Sure enough, there were tons and tons of people online who noticed Alec Baldwin's, shall we say, unsupportive comment and criticisms and they have boosted the photo's popularity, likely much to the famous father's chagrin. If Alec was hoping to drive attention away, he did the exact opposite.

Here's the Instagram photo that Alec Baldwin objected to in the comment section.

A photo posted by on

The comment has landed attention, with some users arguing over whether or not Alec Baldwin's comments to Ireland Baldwin qualified as "shaming." Some people believe Baldwin isn't being open-minded enough about his 22-year-old daughter's scantily-clad motorcycle picture. Other people believe they would have a similar reaction if their daughter posted a similar photo on social media. While the commenters don't seem to agree, one thing is for certain: everyone seems to be having a field day with the image.

Meanwhile, beyond his frequent appearances on Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin is keeping himself busy with a variety of different projects. He was recently seen in Mission: Impossible - Fallout and he'll next be seen opposite Selma Hayek in Drunk Parents, which is expected to hit theaters later this year. Baldwin is also currently filming roles in Edward Norton's newest directorial feature, Motherless Brooklyn, and in the upcoming biopic Lamborghini, where he plays Enzo Ferrari. Meanwhile, in character as Donald Trump, he recently co-authored the faux memoir, You Can't Spell America Without Me: The Really Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year as President Donald J. Trump. He is also the host of the revamped game show The Match Game on ABC. He's also signed on to reprise his title role in The Boss Baby 2. So, Alec Baldwin is a busy guy.

But Alec Baldwin is not too busy to write some discouraging words on his daughter's page, apparently. Meanwhile, we'll keep you posted on all the latest developments with both Alec Baldwin and Ireland Baldwin (whose mother is Kim Basinger) right here at CinemaBlend.

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