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Alexandra Daddario Hides A Wardrobe Malfunction With A Well-Placed Heart Drawing

Alexandra Daddario is noted for roles ranging from Percy Jackson to San Andreas to True Detective and, more recently, HBO’s excellent The White Lotus. Though she’s known for her acting chops, lately, it’s kind of been all about the fashion  for Daddario. The actress has been sharing more glam shots of herself recently, and this week she got a bit edgier than normal in a sequined top and silk drawers. Unfortunately, the daring look actually led to a wardrobe malfunction--yet she even handled that with aplomb. 

In the actress’ latest post, she shared a look in a seemingly warm clime (given the outfit). It’s in the second photo that the camera catches a little more skin than the actress may have intended (or at least a little too much skin for social media). But instead of cutting a photo she totally looks great in from her Instagram post, instead Alexandra Daddario used a well-placed heart drawing to cover the mistake. Classic internet move. 

The big whoops can be seen in the second of three photos, each which show off Alexandra Daddario in the same look. I personally could not pull off wandering around with a glass of (maybe) wine in a glam jacket and some silk underoos, but she’s brave enough and fashionable enough to make the look work, wardrobe malfunction or no. 

Ergo, I totally see why she’d want to share the set of photos with her followers, even the one with the nipple slip. It’s kind of a good reminder that celebrities may have a lot of makeup or fashion help and beautiful clothes to slip into, but they also have humanizing moments like the rest of us. Sometimes things don't play out how we'd expect, but she's certainly willing to roll with the punches here.

Alexandra  shared a post with snow only a few days ago, so it’s hard telling when these photos were actually taken. Though, she’s also often on the go and traveling with her new fiancé Andrew Form, or for work etc, so it’s possible she could have gone from a cold to warm climate in the span of a few days, as well. 

Meanwhile, on the fashion front, we’ve gotten plenty of more glam posts lately. The Lost Girls and Love Hotels star said that during the pandemic she’d spent a lot of time lounging around – in fact, Daddario went viral for a pants-free comment she made as the pandemic wore on – but she says now that era is over. In fact, she’s really dedicating time to dressing up more, noting she has a “newfound appreciation” for glamming up:

Oh, I definitely took advantage of the sweats and pajamas uniform over the last few years. So much so that I have a newfound appreciation for style and getting dressed up, actually.

Stay tuned, as it sounds like there are probably more fashion moments from Alexandra Daddario set to come our way. Insofar as her resumé, the star currently has an upcoming movie called Wildflower, but you can always check out the star paying homage to her iconic The White Lotus bikini scene while we wait for that one to hit the schedule. 

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