Alexandra Daddario Is Off The Market, Folks

Alexandra Daddario has fans worldwide thanks to roles in big ticket movies like San Andreas and Baywatch, but she’s also carved out an awesome niche with the prestige TV crowd thanks to True Detective and The White Lotus. In short, a lot of people stan the actress, but she confirmed this week that she’s off the market now, sharing a sneaky look at what seems to be her large engagement ring and also sharing a sweet post for her now-fiancé Andrew Form. 

If you’ve been keeping up with Alexandra Daddario through the pandemic, you probably already know she’s been dating Form for a while. The 52-year-old producer is known for working on projects like A Quiet Place and its sequels, as well as Jack Ryan. It’s unclear where they met, but Daddario was open about dating him by May of this year and then officially walked a red carpet with him for the premiere of The White Lotus over the summer. This week she was spotted with a rock on the appropriate finger for the first time. 

Outlets including E! caught her out and about with the ring, but it seems to be the same one she sneakily may have incorporated into a photoshoot post she shared on Instagram earlier this week. I could be wrong, but both rings feature big, round diamonds on her left ring finger. 

Regardless, Alexandra Daddario’s engagement to Andrew Form has been a topic of conversation, and the actress herself shared a really nice post about the relationship, also talking about the qualities she loves in her partner. She called him "funny, hard-working, honest, introspective, sexy, kind and sensitive" before sharing more details about how their relationship has brought joy into her life. 

You’ve taken the worst moments of my life and soothed them, just knowing that you existed when they happened makes my heart fuller and more pieced together. Right now I am looking at all the giant packages of gluten-free Oreos you surprised me with. It’s so many Oreos, it makes me laugh. I love how we have been chastised and separated by flight attendants on multiple international flights because we are like teenagers. Why does it all feel so different? This is the love they talk about in poems and Ed Sheeran songs. Andrew- you are the greatest, most formidable love of my life. I couldn’t be luckier.

While I don’t know if I can get behind bugging flight attendants, the rest of the post is super sweet and you can check it out in full below.

Alexandra Daddario may soon have a wedding to plan, but her career is booming and she'll be in the limelight with plenty of upcoming roles as well. We'll keep you updated on what's next for the actress, as well as if she gets up to any more weird stuff on YouTube. 

Jessica Rawden
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