Alexandra Daddario Recreated Her Amazing Bikini Scene From The White Lotus And I Can’t Get Enough

Alexandra Daddario made quite the splash during a White Lotus scene earlier in 2021. The pandemic era show is set at a Hawaii resort and featured the Baywatch star getting poked fun at by a couple of teenaged characters on the show, who see the tables turned soon after Daddario strips into a bold white bikini and struts into some water. She and her co-star Sydney Sweeney were more recently given the opportunity to recreate the now-famous scene and totally went for it. 

In fact, Daddario and Sweeney both attended the Louboutin Dinner to celebrate the InStyle Awards. The White Lotus star shared an Instagram look at exactly what happened when she ran into her former co-star at the event. She hilariously then set the video to the show’s memorable theme song, though given the context of the event she did skip the bikini this time.

If you’ve already seen The White Lotus, it’s very clear which scene Sydney Sweeney and Alexandra Daddario were recreating. In the show, Daddario plays newlywed Rachel, a content creator who married up and is a little outside of her comfort zone staying at the high-end resort that's the focal point of the series. While at the pool she meets Olivia and Paula (played by Brittany O’Grady) and the two teens make it clear they are unimpressed by the older woman, that is until she derobes for an epic pool walk and shows off what she's bringing to the table as a grown woman. 

The funny moment comes early in Season 1 of The White Lotus. If you missed it, HBO and its streaming service HBO MAX have fortunately made it available online and it’s a nice companion piece to the viral video from the recent dinner event.

Meanwhile, this is certainly not the first time Alexandra Daddario has wowed in a swimsuit -- this year even she went cliff-diving in a bikini in fact -- but the Mike White-created series definitely used the moment for comedy in a way that totally sets the tone for what we get in the series. It also worked a lot better for me than that bit in Baywatch where Daddario’s character chides Zac Efron’s swimming champ for looking at her boobs. 

There are a lot of great moments in The White Lotus, but this is one that I’m happy cropped up again. And while there were no bikinis this time, the two certainly looked stunning in their finery at the event. Given the plan for the HBO series, I’m just bummed we likely won’t get to see Sydney Sweeney and Alexandra Daddario back next season. Though The White Lotus has been renewed for Season 2,  the hotel is expected to have new visitors this time around. Will that include any moments that are quite this memorable? We’ll have to wait and see. 

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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