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Alexandra Daddario Has Said Goodbye To The Pants-Free Life As She Gets Back Into Acting Gear

Alexandra Daddario has always been stylish, and red carpet appearances and events have been a big part of her schedule for her varying TV and movie roles. She even memorably reenacted a White Lotus scene at one of these fashionable events, but there was a time during the pandemic that things got pretty casual, and sometimes even pants-free for celebrities who were used to dropping names like “Louboutin” on the regular on the red carpet before the world shut down.

In a recent interview, Forbes asked Alexandra Daddario if she’d taken “advantage” of her ability to be at home and in loungewear during the pandemic. Those of you who follow the newly-engaged movie star should probably already know the answer to that. The Baywatch star was seen in many a bikini during the pandemic’s early days and also had a viral post about how she planned to live the pants-free life while she could. These days, however, it looks as if she’s getting back into more of a glam routine. She told the outlet:  

Oh, I definitely took advantage of the sweats and pajamas uniform over the last few years. So much so that I have a newfound appreciation for style and getting dressed up, actually.

Alexandra Daddario is certainly a fan of clothes. At one point during the pandemic, she tried on a bunch of Reformation looks for her YouTube page. While she swears she’s more of a “t-shirt and old jeans” kind of girl, that’s the look I’ve personally seen her in least, as even her comfortable looks are often swimwear or fitness inspired. At this point during the pandemic, she says she is trying to consciously own dressing up more to feel “better,” and that means more glam. 

Being where we are now in the pandemic; traveling, getting glam with hair and makeup, and just being around other people feels like such a gift. I’m forever a t-shirt and old jeans kind of girl, but there’s no better feeling than slipping into a good dress, a gorgeous pair of heels, putting on a red lip, and soaking up the company of the people you love (with a Grey Goose martini or two).

These days Alexandra Daddario is skipping the loungewear more and more often, though she’s often still to be found in comfy yoga gear.

Still, it wasn’t so long ago that Daddario joked about jeans, asking "Why did we ever wear those things in the first place?" In fact, pants-free was the way to be for a chunk of the pandemic, as celebrities like Halle Berry and Megan Fox also gave the no-pants look a whirl. Tom Holland even did interviews pantless, and the joke was only revealed later on due to him sharing it on his own social media. 

At this point, however, despite the continuation of COVID-19 due to omicron, events and more are slowly making their way back into the lives of celebrities. Subsequently, this means  there are more and more opportunities to play dress up. Yet, as the weather heats up in the coming months, those bikini looks may too

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