Arnold Schwarzenegger And Chris Pratt Share Sweet Posts For Katherine Schwarzenegger On Her Birthday

Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T800 in Terminator Dark Fate
(Image credit: Paramount Pictures)

The Schwarzenegger family seem to be a tight bunch, as they seem to always be giving each other some props over social media. Katherine Schwarzenegger sent out some love to her father on both his birthday and father’s day this year, as well as her husband Chris Pratt. Now it seems they’ve returned the favor, as both fellow Hollywood action stars have shared sweet posts for her 32nd birthday. 

A throwback is always welcome when it’s from an icon such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he posted a pretty awesome one to his Instagram in honor of his daughter’s birthday. In the black and white photo (although, it’s not quite that old), you can see the Terminator star holding a young Katherine Schwarzenegger while looking at a pretty realistic dinosaur T-Rex model, although it’s far from life size. You can check out the post below:

Paired with the cute photo is a nice caption that holds a lot of heart. Arnold Schwarzenegger shows his gratitude toward his daughter, saying his life changed when she was born. She is the action star’s oldest child and the one who made him a father. She was also the first of his children to have a child of her own, making him a grandfather for the first time as well.

Arnold Schwarzenegger sounds like he is really enjoying his role as grandfather to little Lyla Maria Pratt, as he gushes about how it is “the best role in the world”. He wishes his daughter another great year, and makes it clear that he’ll enjoy admiring her success.

As adorable as the post itself is, it becomes even more heartwarming when you consider the fact that Katherine Schwarzenegger commented on the post in thanks. Her comment says “Thank you daddy love you” with a number of eye heart emojis. If that’s not the cutest display of father/daughter love, I don’t know what is. 

Chris Pratt also sent some love via social media to his wife on her big day and posted a slew of endearing pictures of her that basically radiate happiness. You can check out his post below:

The Jurassic World franchise star had a pretty intense caption accompanying the photos praising the many wonderful qualities of his wife, making her appear as a huge light in Chris Pratt’s life. He basically says he could not navigate this life without her, not that he’d want to, and that she has helped him grow into the person he is today. 

Katherine Schwarzenegger commented on her husband’s post as well, giving him a thank you and an “I love you” for the sweet post. 

With love coming her way from two men in her life that she holds in great regards, how could her birthday not have been a great one? Hopefully the rest of it contained as much love as those two posts did, and her next birthday has the same. 

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