Best For Last? Arnold Schwarzenegger's Kids All Celebrated His Birthday, But Patrick Got In On The Cigar Fun

T-800 / Carl (Arnold Schwarzenegger) stares up in Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

It’s fair to say Arnold Schwarzenegger is a very blessed man. He’s had a great career, he’s one of the most beloved stars in Hollywood because of it and recently, he celebrated his 74th birthday. While there were surely fans who paid tribute to the action star and former governor on his special day, the sweetest tributes came from his children. His son, actor Patrick Schwarzenegger, managed to get in a nice tribute along with his siblings. However, he seems to have saved the best celebration for last, as he and dear old dad took part in some cigar fun.

When Patrick Schwarzenegger originally wished his father a Happy Birthday, he did so by sharing a video of his father putting in work on the weights. Of course, anyone who follows Arnold Schwarzenegger on social media knows he loves a good cigar just as much as he loves a firm workout. So it makes sense that his son, along with family friend Ralf Moeller, would enjoy a birthday smoke with him. Check out the photo from the younger Schwarzenegger’s Instagram Story down below:

Honestly, Patrick Schwarzenegger probably couldn’t have found a better way to help his father kick off his 74th year on this planet. And the fact that Schwarzenegger marked the post with Wiz Khalifa’s “We Dem Boyz” is a pretty nice touch.

Patrick Schwarzenegger seems to have a lot of respect for his famous father and, as the actor previously explained, his dad is actually the main reason he wanted to become an actor, too. However, the younger Schwarzenegger joked that he was only inspired to take up acting after seeing his dad thrive in the industry, despite not being the greatest actor. But even though Patrick seemingly wants to put more effort into his craft, he’s still taking cues from his father when it comes to getting ripped.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is sure to be proud of Patrick as well as his other children. Katherine Schwarzengger, his oldest child, is a successful author and is also married to actor Chris Pratt. And even sweeter, the couple made Schwarzenegger a grandfather last year when they welcomed their daughter, Lyla, who the public has yet to catch a glimpse of.

And Schwarzenegger’s other son, Joseph Baena, is likely also making his father proud, as he’s also on his way to becoming an actor. The young man is the spitting image of his pops, as evidenced by the Terminator 2 video he participated in a few years ago. But he’s forging his own path and may find his way into some big films, which hopefully includes a cowboy movie down the road.

Needless to say, Arnold Schwarzenegger has plenty to celebrate at the moment. The actor, bodybuilder and businessman has had his fair share of accomplishments over the years, but one would imagine that as he gets older, he takes more pride in his loving children and their achievements.

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