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Katherine Schwarzenegger, Joseph Baena And Their Siblings Pay Tribute To Dad Arnold Schwarzenegger On His Birthday

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Pretty much everyone knows Arnold Schwarzenegger's work, whether it be by overhearing one of his famous one-liners being quoted in passing or by actually watching him in one of his many iconic roles. However, amid the various fans, there are a few people on this Earth that know him simply as Dad, and they’ve taken to social media to wish the bodybuilder turned actor a very “Happy Birthday.” Daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger and son Joseph Baena are joined by their siblings in sendinng love to their father on his special day.

Katherine Schwarzenegger has made headlines the past few years for her marriage to Chris Pratt. Arnold Schwarzenegger, of course, has chimed in about his daughter’s relatively new union and his new grandchild. Given how close they are, t’s only fitting that his daughter would post a a super adorable post on Instagram, which features a number of photos of herself as a child with her father. She also says that she can’t wait to celebrate with him. You can check out the sweet photos and caption in the post below:

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I think my heart just completely melted seeing those photos, and the fans in the comments sound like they agree. One fan even says that he thinks he likes seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger as a father more than an action hero, which is being coming from an action fan.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s oldest son, Patrick, also sent out some love to his father on his birthday in another Instagram post. This one is also pretty sweet but definitely makes me feel a little guilty that a man in his 70s is putting in way more work in the gym than I am. In the caption, Patrick Schwarzenegger says he hopes he is half as strong as his father when he is his age, and he includes a video in which the action star is lifting an impressive amount of weights:

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Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t the only one in the family who is completely jacked, though. His son, Joseph Baena, is following in his father’s footsteps of becoming both a bodybuilder and an actor. Baena gave a birthday shoutout to his pops that included a photo of father and son together. Check out the photo below, in which Baena basically looks like a younger version of his father:

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Surprise, another of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s children have wished the icon a happy birthday as well! Christiana Schwarzenegger took to Twitter to share a few pictures of her and her father in honor of his special day. While there may not be some long and heartwarming caption like on her siblings’ posts, the fact that his youngest daughter still calls Schwarzenegger “daddy” is just so sweet! Check it out for yourself:

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I honestly can’t get enough of the Schwarzenegger family. While all of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s children are grown and following their own paths, it’s very cool to see them still look to their father and show him love as a family.