As Rumors About Leonardo DiCaprio And Gigi Hadid Swirl, Ex Zayn Malik Is Allegedly Unhappy

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik
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Leonardo DiCaprio just recently split from his girlfriend, though he’s said to already be moving on. Shortly after his breakup, DiCaprio was linked to Gigi Hadid, the 27-year-old model and TV personality. The two have been drawing a lot of attention but, of course, this isn’t Hadid’s first high-profile romance. She was previously with pop star Zayn Malik, with whom she has a child. And a recent report suggests that amid the flurry of rumors surrounding DiCaprio and Hadid, Malik is allegedly unhappy.

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid began dating off and on beginning in 2021 until their relationship came to a highly publicized halt in the fall of 2021. At the time, Hadid’s mother, Yolanda, accused Malik of striking her. The musician ultimately entered a no contest plea to four harassment charges. Despite all of that though, a report alleges that Malik wants his former partner back. It’s because of this that he allegedly finds Hadid’s rumored relationship with the Wolf of Wall Street star to be upsetting:

Zayn still has hopes of reuniting with Gigi, they’re on good terms right now for their daughter’s sake but he’s made it clear he would love another chance with her so all of this news about her and Leo has been upsetting for him. Gigi is doing her best to manage it all, but it’s definitely stirring up drama on Zayn’s side that she’s having to deal with.

Based on these claims from HollywoodLife’s sources, the One Direction alum and his ex-girlfriend are keeping things civil for the sake of their daughter, who was born in September 2020. It’s interesting to hear that the American Music Award winner may want his old flame back. But then again, the two were together for quite some time, so the idea of him still holding a torch isn’t too far-fetched, I suppose. 

This should, of course, all be taken with a grain of salt, as should the nature of Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio’’s alleged romance. The two haven’t confirmed their romance at this point in time, and chances are they wouldn’t do such a thing for quite some time if it is true. Interestingly, the source also says that the two aren’t super official just yet, as DiCaprio is only trying to woo the model right now:

Leo’s clearly got an interest in Gigi, he’s been pursuing her, but she’s playing it very cool because dating just isn’t a priority for her right now, between her daughter and everything she has going on with work, she has her hands full.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating history has been discussed (and joked about) for some time now. Some have chastised him for his tendency to date women who are typically no older than 25. The unwritten rule has become so much of a pop culture touchstone that even Dionne Warwick has poked fun at DiCaprio’s dating habits. Kristen Zang, who dated him at 25, was a bit more sentimental when discussing the star, but she also doesn’t mind the DiCaprio dating memes.

But as for Zayn Malik, who’s also been engaged in a feud of sorts with former bandmate Louis Tomlinson, he may have a shot at getting Gigi Hadid back. That is, if he does definitely find all of this “upsetting.” Fans will surely be waiting to see if such a reconciliation is possible and whether Hadid actually ends up becoming the actor’s latest squeeze.

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