Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Have Been House Hunting For Months. They Just Bailed On Their Latest Dream Home

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s house-hunting journey has been fascinating to watch. It’s come off a bit like a Goldilocks story, “This one is too big. This one is too big, too!” With the most recent home they had in escrow - a $64 million stunner -- it seemed they had found a home that was “just right” – but the timing was not to be. 

The House Hunting Saga

Affleck and Lopez have been house hunting in Los Angeles for months now. At one point it looked as if they were prepared to buy a $50 million(ish) home with 17 bathrooms, but that fell through. Then a second, cheaper property came along –this one was a paltry $34.5 million – and they put in an offer on the 7-bedroom and 13 bathroom home. I guess Jenny from the Block didn’t love that block, either, because escrow fell through on that property as well. 

Meanwhile, about a week ago, Bennifer found a third home that was seemingly “just right.” This home did not have 17 bathrooms nor was it being listed for only $34.5 million. In fact, this third home was going for $64 million and had 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. So it seemingly was a nice combination of features from the other two homes. In fact, it was hoped to be the perfect home for the family, as they were under a bit of a time crunch. 

The two live in California in the Los Angeles area and the county is looking to add tax costs to some of those huge homes in Pacific Palisades and other county areas. On April 1, a new law is going into effect. TMZ, who noted the change in tax law, did not give specific numbers if the Pacific Palisades home doesn’t close before the end of the month, but the outlet did note “the financial consequences are enormous.” 

Generally, it takes between 30-45 days to close on a house, so there was always going to be a time crunch, but it turns out, the home was not to be. 

Ben And JLo Dropped Out Of Escrow Again

According to the most recent reports, the couple dropped out of escrow on the $64 million-dollar home, as well. This time marks the third time they have dropped out of buying a home after having put an offer in on it. It's unclear why the couple passed on all three of the properties they initially fell for. 

In a separate report, TMZ did indicate JLo is looking hard to find a property and was seen house hunting in the Holmby Hills area this weekend in LA. She looked at another home, this one listed for $65 million, that is currently owned by Max Azria. 

It's A Busy Time For Lopez And Affleck

It’s a busy time for the couple. Ben Affleck is promoting his new movie Air with Matt Damon. We've learned quite a bit about Air ahead of its release, but now the movie has premiered at SXSW and the actor and producer has been on the press circuit recently. Lopez just celebrated the launch of her new shoe collection this weekend, so she's had a full schedule as well. Plus, it's worth noting her husband missed the launch of the shoe collection for the aforementioned Air promotion. So, it's easy to see how there have been some complications in regards to finding their dream home. 

Meanwhile, JLo’s current property has been on the market for a while, and it does seem like Bennifer is serious about finding the right space for their blended families after their marriage. Only now, it's becoming quite the saga.

Jessica Rawden
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