Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Are Reportedly Buying A House Together, And I'm Rattled At The Number Of Bathrooms

Still going strong and ready to take their relationship to the next level, it looks like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are preparing to buy a home together. Rumors are swirling that the mega couple, who are giving love a second chance, put in an offer on a place in the Bel-Air section of Los Angeles with the intention of combining their families. The reported $50M plus price tag has been generating some double-takes online, but I’m far more rattled by something else: the number of bathrooms. The home reportedly has 17!

That detail and more are coming to light thanks to an article over at TMZ. In it, the outlet claims the two celebs have made an offer in the $50M range for the home, which is currently owned by Texas billionaire Todd Lemkin. It reportedly boasts more than 20,000 square feet, along with a pool, a gym, multiple kitchens and some of the best views in Los Angeles. Oh and did I mention 17 bathrooms?

I’m sorry to get so hung up on this, but I lived in Los Angeles for almost four years. Because of that, I’ve gotten used to celebrities buying beautiful estates in Bel-Air, up in the Hollywood Hills or over in Malibu. The price tags for these things are always out of control, and you eventually stop really reacting to the numbers. But 17 bathrooms is all kinds of wild. There are 10 bedrooms; so, I guess most of those have their own facilities, plus others are scattered throughout the house. At least their kids won’t have to fight over who gets ready first. My thoughts and prayers, however, go out to the home’s hot water heater.

On a more serious note though, good for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. You never really know how other people’s lives are going in private, but the two seemed happy together for awhile the first time around. It obviously didn’t work out, thanks in part to the near constant coverage of and speculation about their life together, but there was always something about them that seemed like it fit. Hopefully they’ll be able to nurture that during their second time around.

As for what’s happening with these two next, they’re each, not surprisingly, very in-demand. Ben Affleck will return as Batman in the upcoming Flash movie. In addition, he’ll be seen in Robert Rodriguez’s next movie Hypnotic. He’s also potentially going to direct Witness For The Prosecution, an upcoming Agatha Christie adaptation, and there have long been whispers of another Accountant movie. There were also some rumors about a move to Britain to film the upcoming Barbie movie, but I’ll be skeptical about that until we get confirmation.

As for her, she recently starred in the fun throwback Marry Me and has several upcoming projects to get excited about. She’ll star in Shotgun Wedding opposite Josh Duhamel (not Armie Hammer), which hits theaters this Summer. In addition, she’ll show off her athleticism in the upcoming Netflix movie The Mother, which follows a retired assassin protecting her daughter. She’s also about to release a children’s book and is still performing. 

Given all that, it’s unclear how long it might take them to decorate their new home, if it officially closes as expected, but the good news here is they can probably hold off on redoing the 15th, 16th or 17th most popular bathrooms. Something tells me most guests won’t notice. 

Mack Rawden
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