Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Finally Found Their Dream Home And Ended Up Dropping Almost Double What The Last House Would Have Cost

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the 2023 Grammys
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Everybody can relax, our long national nightmare is over. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have found a new house, we think... probably. After backing out of at least two houses while they were in escrow, the newly married Lopez and Affleck are now in escrow on a third house, and they must really love this one, as it costs nearly double what the last one would have. 

Affleck and Lopez have clearly been having trouble finding their dream home. The pair have been looking at houses since before they got married. They found what appeared to be an incredible house with an absolutely obscene number of batherooms a year ago, but they didn’t end up pulling the trigger on it. More recently, Affleck and Lopez have been making offers on homes, but they’ve now bailed during escrow more than once.

They’re now in escrow on their third consecutive house, and this one is certainly bigger and better than the other ones they’ve made offers on, and it has the price tag to prove it. The last house Affleck and Lopez made an offer on had an asking price of $34.5 million. This one, according to TMZ, is going for $64 million. 

The house is actually a bit smaller than some of the other ones they’ve looked at,16,000 square feet with eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, but it is on 1.13 acres and has an entirely separate guest house on the property, as well as a media room, game room, and a backyard with a “resort-style” pool and spa. I mean, if I had $64 million to spend on a house, this one sounds pretty nice.  

Of course, now we need to actually wait for escrow to close to be absolutely sure that the couple doesn’t change their mind. Every time it seems like these two have bought a house, it ends up not happening. We don’t really know why they’ve been playing musical chairs with multi-million dollar mansions, but if there was something wrong with the $34 million dollar one we can’t be sure they won’t find an issue with the $64 million dollar one.

However, Affleck and Lopez may have finally found a house to settle on because they’re actually running out of time to find a new house. The couple has been living at Lopez’s Bel-Air mansion since getting back together, but they put the home on the market and it is now in escrow itself. Assuming that buyer doesn’t find a reason to back out, Lopez will need to move out soon. On the plus side, that house is reportedly selling for $39 million, which should make for a nice down payment on these new digs. 

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