Ben Affleck And JLo Seemingly Can't Find Their Perfect House, And It's Becoming A Real Saga

Jennifer Lopez in Marry Me/Ben Affleck in Deep Water
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Buying a house is a pretty significant commitment. Whether you’re getting a mortgage for a few hundred thousand dollars, or spending multiple millions, you want to be absolutely sure you’re getting the right home. It seems that newly married Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are having some trouble deciding where to live because they’ve now dropped out of escrow on their second property.

TMZ reports that Affleck and Lopez were in escrow on a $34.5 million mansion in Pacific Palisades that had, among other amenities, a screening room, pool, and wine cellar. This makes it sound like my perfect house if nothing else, except for the price tag. But while they made an offer on the home, they were reportedly looking at others while the escrow period was going on, so they weren’t entirely sold on it.

It’s possible that Affleck and Lopez made the offer on the house just to make sure they didn’t lose it, while they went looking for something that was just that little bit more perfect. However, it’s also possible that some information came out during the escrow period that made the house less desirable. Still, this is apparently the second time that they’ve backed out of escrow, and now they’re reportedly in escrow again on a third house.

It certainly looks like Affleck and Lopez are committed to buying a new home, as Lopez’s current residence is on the market for $42.5 million. It's the place both Affleck and Lopez have called home since they got married. The pair have been looking at houses together for quite some time, including one that had an absolutely obscene number of bathrooms.

Lopez has reportedly been looking at houses on and off for a couple of years, even before her new roommate came along. It’s not reported if there have been any offers on the Lopez house but certainly, she is going to need a new place to keep her stuff if somebody wants to buy that house. Of course, once they sell that house there certainly won’t be much of an issue regarding having the money to buy pretty much anything else.

While it’s probably wild to most of us that there could be anything missing from a mansion costing tens of millions of dollars, at the end of the day you want the place you live to be perfect or as close to it as it can possibly be. That’s going to be the case no matter what price range of house you’re looking at. However, having tens of millions of dollars to spend means that getting that perfect house is going to be a bit easier since nothing is really outside of your price range. 

Word is these two have been looking at houses that cost more than double the house they just backed out of, so really nothing is off the table. They could always build the house they want for the money they’re looking at, the only problem with that is it would take time, and based on how this couple got married, they’re probably not interested in waiting for what they want anymore. 

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