Bill Murray Faces One Sexual Complaint And A Wave Of Criticisms From Rob Schneider, Seth Green And More This Week

Bill Murray in The French Dispatch
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Bill Murray has been at the center of a number of significant stories over the past week. He made headlines after comedian Rob Schneider claimed that he “hated” the ‘90s SNL cast, particularly Chris Farley. Around the same time, Seth Green called out the 72-year-old actor for a situation that allegedly took place when he was a kid. And in addition to these criticisms and more, Murray also finds himself on the receiving end of a sexaul assault complaint. In regard to said grievance, a new report also claims that the star had to shell out some money. 

Back in April, it was reported that Being Mortal, Aziz Ansari’s directorial debut, had shut down production due to an investigation involving cast member Bill Murray. Specific details on the matter weren’t initially shared, but it was said that someone made a complaint against Murray for allegedly engaging in “inappropriate behavior.” Murray later stated that he had a “difference of opinion” with a female crew member.

A recent report from Puck now alleges that the Ghostbusters: Afterlife alum kissed and straddled the “much younger” female crew member. The news outlet purports that the woman was “horrified” by the alleged situation and “interpreted his actions as entirely sexual.” As a result, she reportedly filed the aforementioned complaint. It’s been claimed that the actor has now paid a $100,000 settlement to the unnamed crew member. 

Shortly after production on Being Mortal was shut down, Bill Murray addressed the misconduct claim during which he said, “I did something I thought was funny and it wasn’t taken that way.” At the time, the star said that he and his colleague were “trying to make peace with each other” and that the ordeal as a whole had been “quite an education” for him.

Aside from Being Mortal, much has been said about the performer’s work on Saturday Night Live as of late. As mentioned, Rob Schneider said that he was not kind to the ‘90s cast but was allegedly most displeased with Chris Farley. Schneider claimed that this was due to the fact that Farley heavily emulated John Belushi, who was a friend of the Groundhog Day star

Seth Green, during an appearance on Good Mythical Morning, took things a step further and claimed that Bill Murray put him in a trash can when he was a child actor making a guest appearance on SNL for a Christmas sketch. According to Green, it began when he, a 9-year-old at the time, was sitting on the arm of a couch backstage, and Murray purportedly took issue with him sitting in “his seat.” Green then said that it was when he refused to move that Murray took action:

He picked me up by my ankles, held me upside down. … He dangled me over a trash can, and he was like, ‘The trash goes in the trash can.’ And I was screaming, and I swung my arms, flailed wildly, full contact with his balls. He dropped me in the trash can, the trash can falls over. I was horrified. I ran away, hid under the table in my dressing room and just cried.

Another alleged story revolving around the veteran comedian came from Geena Davis, who worked with him on the film Quick Change. Davis purported to People that he “insisted” on using a massage device on her. In her memoir, the actress said that she “said no multiple times, but he wouldn't relent.” The Oscar winner then went on to say that “placed the thing on my back for a total of about two seconds.” 

At present, Bill Murray is slated to appear in the Marvel movie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (a development that Paul Rudd has spoken about.) As for Being Mortal, production is still suspended, and Murray’s involvement with the project remains unconfirmed. It currently remains to be seen whether the actor’s reps will make a statement regarding the alleged settlement and the claims from Seth Green and co. 

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