Brie Larson Shared Some Awesome Throwback Scott Pilgrim Photos, Calls Out Edgar Wright With One Request

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World follows Scott, a boy in love, who has to fight off his girlfriend Ramona’s Evil Exes. These seven exes, which are so many we can rank them, try to destroy Scott throughout the movie. On top of that, he has to fight off Envy Adams, this popstar ex. Honestly, I think her song and performance may be more memorable than any of the exes, because of the way Brie Larson played her. Over a decade after the movie’s release Larson has posted some fun tidbits about creating the movie and has one request for its director Edgar Wright

While we know lots of behind-the-scenes facts about Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Larson recently gave us some new BTS content. She posted some photos of her and her band, which is named Clash at Demonhead, to her Twitter, reflecting back fondly on her experience. Check it out: 

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Larson is musically inclined, she will post videos on her Instagram of her singing and playing guitar. This fills my nostalgic heart with joy because it always brings me back to her epic performance as Envy where she sings “Black Sheep.” During the performance, Larson rocks out in a black dress with some epic red, lace-up heels, which she is now asking Wright if she can have. She tweeted

Thank you Edgar Wright for picking me to be your Envy. I want those boots still please.

While those heels look like a bitch to walk in, I would also want them because they are so iconic. With Larson’s career since Wright’s movie, she hasn’t gotten much of a chance to dress this campy and rock n’ roll, so I see why she wants them back. It’s also clear that Larson still thinks fondly of her time making Scott Pilgrim as she posts about it every so often, like when she tweeted a video of her re-learning her choreography years after the movie was released. 

Along with the boots, the song “Black Sheep” has become one of the stand-out moments in the movie. While Larson does sing the song in the film it took them 10 years to release her version of “Black Sheep” to the public. Then, on the movie's 10th anniversary the song made its way back to the Billboard charts because it was re-released as part of an extended soundtrack in honor of the milestone. 

Clearly, Scott Pilgrim has remained relevant in our culture since its release. It’s so fun to watch stars like Larson along with Chris Evans, Kieran Culkin, Anna Kendrick and lots of big people before they became household names. They all reunited for a reading of the script back in 2020, and while they are all massive stars now, it’s clear they all still have a love for this cult classic. 

While Larson does post throwbacks to movies she’s been in, she also has a full plate of upcoming projects to get excited about. As Captain Marvel, she is set to star in one of Marvel’s upcoming movies, The Marvels, and she is in the process of filming Fast X, both of which are scheduled to come out next year. 

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