Brittany Snow: What To Watch If You Like The X Actress

Brittany Snow in X.
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You know, I consider myself an avid movie watcher. I have seen some of the funniest romantic comedies, the best horror films, or even some fun modern musicals that have truly astounded me. But, have you ever done research on an actress before and realized they were in way more movies and TV shows than you thought? Yeah, that was the case with Brittany Snow. 

While recently in the spotlight in one of the 2022 movie releases, X, Brittany Snow has been in the industry for a long time and has starred in some of the huge movies, from comedies to musicals and horror films. If you’re a fan of hers after seeing her in X, here are some other Brittany Snow movies and TV shows that you should definitely check out afterwards. 

Brittany Snow in Hairspray.

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Hairspray (HBO Max)

First up on the list, we have one of my favorites. Hairspray, based on the Broadway musical of the same name, is about a young girl who dreams of becoming a dancer on the Corny Collins show, but when she finally gets her shot, she finds out that stardom is not at all what she thought it would be, in 1960s America. 

There is just something I’ve always loved about Hairspray, and that’s in part to the amazing cast, featuring Brittany Snow as Amber Von Tussle. That’s right, she was the mean girl of this movie, and the girl that got lucky enough to kiss Zac Efron several times on the lips. While I’ve seen this movie so many times and have loved it even more each time, Brittany Snow’s character has never gotten old for me and she truly rocked it in this musical, showing how talented a singer she is. 

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Brittany Snow in Harry's Law.

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Harry’s Law (Amazon Prime)

In this NBC show, Harry’s Law mainly centers around Harriet Korn, otherwise known as Harry, who recently got fired from her position as patent lawyer. But, instead of getting depressed about it, she decides to bring her associates together and form her own law firm in Cincinnati from the ground-up. 

For the two seasons that the show ran, Brittany Snow played Jenna Backstrom, the assistant to Harry (played by the astoundingly talented Kathy Bates), and she is just so funny. I really wish this show had run longer, because Snow’s comedic timing was off the charts and I truly wanted to see more of her, considering she was demoted to a recurring character in Season 2. There are so many law shows out there and this felt like a breath of fresh air for how funny it was. It’s a shame it’s over, but you can check it out on Amazon Prime now. 

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Brittany Snow in Pitch Perfect.

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Pitch Perfect Series (Peacock, Amazon Rental)

Oh, the Pitch Perfect series shaped me as a young woman. At the start of this franchise, we mainly follow Becca, a college student who is a part of the Barden Bellas, an acapella group that often gets into trouble, whether it’s at school, abroad, or anywhere else - and brings along the tunes with them. 

Arguably, this is probably where a lot of people know Brittany Snow from, as this was where I was first introduced to her in 2012, where she played Chloe Beale as part of the Pitch Perfect cast. Her chemistry with co-star Anna Kendrick was astounding, her music skills even better, and her comedy top-notch, making me laugh several times. I can’t tell you how often I’ve listened to the soundtracks from each of these movies.

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Brittany Snow in Janie Jones.

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Janie Jones (Tubi)

In this drama, Janie Jones mainly follows a young girl who is in search of a parental figure when her groupie-mother abandons her. So, she takes it upon herself to inform her biological father of who she truly is to him, and how this one moment changes their lives forever. 

Brittany Snow plays Iris, a pretty important character who has an essential role in the story as the father’s girlfriend, and honestly, I really liked her in this role. I do think Brittany Snow shines her best in comedy and horror roles (as you’ll see throughout the list) but she showed off her dramatic acting skills in this movie, and if you like a good father-daughter story, this one is great. 

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Brittany Snow in John Tucker Must Die.

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John Tucker Must Die (Starz)

If you’re looking for a classic teen film, John Tucker Must Die is a must. In this movie, three girls decide to take matters into their own hands when the most popular boy in school, John Tucker, decides to date all of them at the same time without saying anything, telling each individual girl that they are the one for him. Now, they’re going to make sure he's publicly humiliated. 

This movie is just so ridiculously funny. I know that critics weren’t the biggest fans of it, but it’s a guilty pleasure of mine and I would willingly watch this again, specifically because Brittany Snow stars in it as Kate Spencer. She’s witty and so much more, and I especially love her scenes with Scott Tucker (played by the wonderful Penn Badgley). Are there better teen films out there? Yeah, for sure, but this one is a personal favorite that I think you'll enjoy, too. 

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Brittany Snow in Would You Rather.

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Would You Rather (AMC+)

Let’s get started on some horror films. Would You Rather, starring Brittany Snow, is all about the literal game, “would you rather,” except this version has deadly consequences. When Iris needs help to find a donor for her brother, who has leukemia, she has to partake in this party game that just might end her life before she can save his. 

Again, I really think Brittany Snow shines in horror films, because I genuinely love the heck out of her in this movie. The concept itself is such a great idea, using a typical game that kids would play and turning it on its head, and some of these choices in the game are truly outrageously disgusting and scary. But, Brittany Snow acts her butt off and shows off just how much of a badass scream queen she is.

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Brittany Snow in The Vicious Kind.

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The Vicious Kind (Tubi)

Sometimes, you get caught up in the very idea of love, and that’s the case with characters in The Vicious Kind. In this drama, a brother is intent on trying to warn his brother that his girlfriend isn’t who's best for him - but once he meets her over the Thanksgiving holiday, he ends up becoming obsessed with her. 

I think what I love the most about The Vicious Kind is that the cast is relatively small, but insanely talented. Brittany Snow stars as Emma, and again shows off how great she is as a dramatic actress, but what really drives this film is the chemistry that she has with Adam Scott, who plays Caleb Sinclaire, one of the love interests. Their relationship is something so strange and toxic and yet you can’t look away, and it’s because the both of them act so well in their roles. 

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Brittany Snow (right) in Someone Great.

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Someone Great (Netflix)

Are you ready for a Netflix romantic comedy? Because I am. Someone Great, starring Brittany Snow, Gina Rodriguez and DeWanda Wise, tells the story of three women who decide to have one last big night together in order for one of them to celebrate her new job across the country, despite the fact that her boyfriend has just broken up with her. 

Look, this movie is a total cliché, I’ll admit that, but sometimes, you really need stuff like that. It’s sweet and all about the power of friendship, and the three stars really carry this film and make it such a fun one from beginning to end. Snow is great as Blair, and I would love to have her as a friend any day of the week. Sometimes, all you need is a good friend by your side. 

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Brittany Snow in The Pacifier.

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The Pacifier (Disney+)

If you're looking for a fun comedy action movie, check out The Pacifier. Starring Vin Diesel, this film tells the story of a Navy SEAL who has a mission go wrong, resulting in a partner of his dying. But, instead of being thrown back into the action, he is assigned to look after the family of the dead man - becoming a babysitter. 

If we’re being honest, there have been many other fun family movies out there that you could watch and would laugh just as much as The Pacifier, but I like this movie for Brittany Snow’s role in it as the eldest child of the group, Zoe Plummer. She always does her best in comedic roles and this one is no different, as she gets to show her comedic timing and has some great moments with Vin Diesel. It’s another guilty pleasure but I enjoy the heck out of it. 

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Brittany Snow stands holding a script while Jenna Ortega and Owen Campbell shoot in X.

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X (Amazon Rental)

It’s why you’re here, isn’t it? X is the latest amazing A24 horror film that arrived in 2022, telling the story of a young woman who wants to become a star in the movie industry (meaning porn), but when she and her co-stars take up residency on a farm to film, they find that the owners there aren’t as innocent as they seem. 

If you want a really good horror movie with Brittany Snow in it, she is amazing in X. Her character, Bobby-Lynne Parker, is entertaining from the start of this film to the point of no return for her, and let me just say that she was part of the scariest moments that X had to offer. If for some reason you haven’t watched X yet, be sure to check it out now. 

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Who knows what Brittany Snow is going to do next. The Pitch Perfect TV show, maybe? I’m sure that whatever the case, it’ll be just as fun (or as scary) as some of her other great roles have been. 

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