Cameron Diaz Opens Up About Aging And One Thing She Really Wants For Her Daughter

Cameron Diaz smiling in Sex Tape still.
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Former actress Cameron Diaz has a whole new lease on herself and her new life away from the cameras. Ever since her retirement from acting in 2018, she’s been promoting her new wine brand and being a loving mother to her daughter. Having been known as a sex symbol in Hollywood, Cameron Diaz opened up about turning 50 at the end of the summer and one thing she really wants for her daughter.

Aging can seem like a scary concept as an actress when you’re used to audiences speaking of your appearance in high praise. Well, there's beauty in growing old as well, as it's a natural process of life. Cameron Diaz is embracing her aging as she spoke with Goop about how excited she was about turning 50 and the moment she wanted to have with her two-year-old daughter: 

The whole concept of aging has just changed completely, even in the last 10 years. It’s totally opened up. I’m excited. I’ve got 50 or 60 years to go—I want to live to be 110, since I’ve got a young child. I think you have this amazing moment in your 40s where you appreciate who your parents are, and I want to have that moment with her—be there with her in her 40s.

The Mask star has no fear of getting older as she explained that her 72-year-old grandmother would haul big bags of rabbit and chicken feed around the hot San Fernando Valley. It is true that if you feel young, age really is just a number. Cameron Diaz continued to say that she was wearing makeup for most of her life because of her acting work, which was depleting her skin. Now that she doesn’t wear makeup anymore, she’s noticed an improvement in the way her skin feels now. Diaz doesn't even bother to wash her face anymore! Her natural beauty is enough for her to still look and feel beautiful.

This 49-year-old former actress and model has said that she "didn’t have what it takes” to star in movies anymore because of her “little nucleus of a family.” Cameron Diaz also shared how proud she was to be a mother and all of the support she had in raising her daughter:

I’m the oldest mom in my group of girlfriends with kids, and it’s great. I’m lucky to be my age, lucky to have those girlfriends, lucky to have my daughter, lucky to have all the support I do raising her.

Cameron Diaz gave birth to her daughter, Raddix, in December 2019, where her baby's first few months were spent in quarantine because of the COVID-19 pandemic. She felt like this was a great time for everyone at home to spend some quality time together compared to having to leave for work. Diaz has also put her daughter on a wild diet that consists of garlic, bone marrow, liver and herbs. Luckily, Raddix has liked these complex foods ever since she was born. It’ll be interesting to find out if she still likes this diet once she gets older.

While you may not see Cameron Diaz light up the screen in movies anymore, she’ll be busy being a loving mother and wife selling a lot of wine for her wine brand Avaline. But just in case she decides to make a comeback in her semi-retired life, stay up to date on our new movie releases.

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