Channing Tatum Posts Unflattering The Lost City Image Of Sandra Bullock, Then Roasts Her For It

We love a good behind the scenes photo, and it looks like Channing Tatum is winning with a photo of himself climbing a boulder alongside his The Lost City co-star Sandra Bullock. Unlike the flawless photos we are so used to seeing all over social media, though, Bullock looks like she is seriously struggling in the one her fellow actor posted. And he followed up the photo with a good hearted roast too.

In his latest Instagram post, Channing Tatum shares a seemingly candid photo of Sandra Bullock on the set of The Lost City climbing a boulder alongside himself. While Tatum seems to be climbing with the grace of a mountain goat, Bullock looks like she’s having more than just a little trouble. Take a look for yourself:

I’m kind of disappointed we can’t see Sandra Bullock’s face in the photo, because I’m sure it would be pretty priceless. Channing Tatum’s own face more than makes up for it, though, as he’s looking at the camera like he is full of judgment for how much difficulty his co-star is having. The extra salt in the wound has to be that Tatum is climbing the boulder one-handed with the other taking the photo while Bullock is clutching both hands to the rock.

If the photo itself isn’t enough of a roast, Channing Tatum also added a cheeky comment to his post. While it may be lost in the thousands of other comments on the post, you can see for yourself what he says here:

Sandy you look so comfy and graceful.

Sandra Bullock is wearing the sparkly pink jumpsuit she can be seen sporting in The Lost City’s star studded trailer and poster; so we know there’s going to be some real action and boulder climbing in the film. Of course, it seems like Channing Tatum’s character is going to be able to scale the film’s boulders with no issue and look good doing it. While Bullock pretty much always looks gorgeous, the boulder looks like it’s causing the actress a little bit of stress.

Between being asked nonstop about Channing Tatum’s ass, getting face to crotch with him, and being on the receiving end of his roasts, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sandra Bullock is over the press tour and glad that The Lost City has been released. However, I could also see her feeling the exact opposite too. I mean, it is Channing Tatum we are talking about here.

The Lost City is the most recent of the highly anticipated 2022 films to be released, as it dropped to theaters nationwide just a couple days ago on March 25th. If Channing Tatum’s online roasting is anything like what their onscreen chemistry is like, The Lost City should be 2 hours of nonstop fun, especially when you throw in a not-so-cameo appearance of Brad Pitt.

Carlie Hoke
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