Sandra Bullock And Daniel Radcliffe Just Keep Getting Asked About Channing Tatum’s Bum In The Lost City Interviews

Channing Tatum stands with open arms dressed as a romance cover model in The Lost City.
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Daniel Radcliffe, Sandra Bullock and Channig Tatum are doing a ton of interviews and press events ahead of the release of their film The Lost City, but it seems there is another star of the film that’s getting a ton of attention. Tatum’s butt seems to be a hot topic of conversation for the stars, and Radcliffe and Bullock apparently just keep getting asked about it. Well, his butt and the not-so-cameo appearance of Brad Pitt.

In an interview with TooFab, Daniel Radcliffe and Sandra Bullock were asked who they have been asked more about during their slew of interviews ahead of the release of The Lost City. Bullock seems to defer to Radcliffe, who makes it clear that Channing Tatum’s ass has been asked about quite a bit. Here is his answer to the question, in his exact words:

Well, Brad, I didn’t, because I’m not in any scenes with him... I’ve been dressed by the same people who dressed him. That’s like his best friend. So that was very, very fun... We definitely have been asked more about Channing’s ass today. As somebody who has not been answering that question, I can 100% confirm Channing’s ass has come up. It’s probably our model question for the day.

How saddening does it have to be to be in a film with Brad Pitt, but to get zero screen time with him? That's a tough break, Daniel. However, the Harry Potter star does have a good amount of screen time with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, and consequently, the latter's ass. Honestly, it probably makes up for the lack of a Brad Pitt crossover. 

Sandra Bullock may have deferred this particular question to Daniel Radcliffe, despite him not working on camera with Brad Pitt, because she’d be a little more qualified for a question about Channing Tatum’s crotch. After all, she apparently was staring at it quite a bit during his nude scene. How very Magic Mike, am I right?

Between Channing Tatum’s butt and frontal action, the cast of The Lost City seem to have gotten quite familiar with Tatum as a whole. Honestly, I’ve never heard a better reason to go see a movie. I feel like the interviewers were stuck on the wrong question. It’s not Brad Pitt or Channing Tatum’s ass, it’s a naked Channing Tatum versus a naked Ryan Reynolds, as Sandra Bullock has been up close and personal with both.

Celebrity butts aside, The Lost City sounds like it was a ton of fun to work on, and we’re now able to see the fruits of that labor of love. The film is the latest of the 2022 movie releases to arrive, as some theaters are doing early shows. The film’s official release date is tomorrow, March 25th, and it’s shaping up to be something critics have a lot of say about - though it’s best you just see for yourself!

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