Chris Hemsworth Went Camping With His Sons, And Kangaroo Wrestling Was Apparently Involved

Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Love and Thunder
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Chris Hemsworth is a lot of things. He’s a proud Australia native, a Marvel Cinematic Universe star and one of the most sought-after stars in all of Hollywood. On top of all that though, he’s also a family man, who appears to relish the time that he gets to spend with his children. The loving dad also doesn’t mind posting about some of the outings that he has with his little ones. And in the latest installment of the “Hemsworth Fatherhood Chronicles,” the actor took his sons on a camping trip, during which there was apparently… kangaroo wrestling?

In a recent Instagram post, the 39-year-old actor gushed about the “epic” camping trip he had with his boys. The star included an A+ slideshow that showed him and the kids participating in a number of fun activities. From surfing some waves to riding bikes down a trai, the MCU veteran and 8-year-old twins Sasha and Tristan (who once dressed as Thor on their birthday) seemed to have had a packed, fun weekend. And yes, there is a photo featuring kangaroos, and I’m still wondering about the “wrestling” aspect of the. You can see the post down below: 

Of course, there probably wasn’t any true “kangaroo wrestling” during the trip. If anything, Chris Hemsworth was probably just using that as a fun term to describe his group’s encounter with the furry creatures. Plus, I’m sure the star would never seriously try to challenge one. (I know I wouldn’t.) It’s also worth mentioning that the Bad Times at the El Royale alum does have an affinity for those animals. Even one of Hemsworth’s Valentine’s Day tributes to wife Elsa Pataky featured a kangaroo

You have to love seeing the actor relish his quality time with his kids, and they’ve shared some very sweet memories over the years. Chris Hemsworth spent time with one of his sons while shooting Extraction 2 and shared some sweet pics of their downtime. Hemsworth, who’s also father to 10–year-old India Rose, also once jokingly posted about the “ultimate family workout” he and Elsa Pataky developed for their brood. (And it involves a skateboard and a horse.)

Aside from family time though, the leading man does still have a job to do, and fans have seen the release of two high-profile productions that have him in the lead. In June, the actor marked the release of his sci-fi thriller, Spiderhead (which is streamable with a Netflix subscription). And July saw the long-awaited Thor: Love and Thunder hit theaters and make a massive impression at the box office. 

Surely Chris Hemsworth relishes his success, but he likely appreciates the downtime he gets with his loved ones even more. And based on his sons’ expressions in this most recent post, it’s fair to assume that they’d enjoy that. With that, maybe they could do some more “kangaroo wrestling.” (But seriously, why can’t I get the image of Hemsworth doing battle with one of those animals out of my head?)

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