After Leaving Hollywood, Of Course Chris Hemsworth's Happy Valentine's Day Post To His Wife Includes A Kangaroo

It’s Valentine’s Day, the universal Hallmark day of love and affection. Today is the day we see people sharing photos of themselves with their loved ones, reminiscing on key moments in their relationships, and looking to their futures. Celebrities are no different, as they tend to send shoutouts to their significant others as well. Marvel’s Chris Hemsworth is a different breed, though as, this year, he celebrated with a kangaroo pic - a possible byproduct of him moving his family from Hollywood to the Outback.

While celebrities like Pete Davidson are making plans with their loved ones for the romantic holiday, Chris Hemsworth channeled his inner Aussie with an adorable picture of his wife, Elsa Pataky, kissing a kangaroo. In his latest Instagram post, Hemsworth jokingly wishes Pataky and the kangaroo “many more happy moments” together. You can check out the adorable photo in the post below:

While it’s super cute to see celebrities together with the people they love, somehow the actor's absence in this loving photo isn’t much of a loss at all. The kangaroo adds just enough of the cuddly factor to satisfy fans who are used to seeing the Thor star's massive muscles on display in his posts. 

Chris Hemsworth isn’t exactly shy about showing his love for his family, as he regularly shares photos and loving tributes to his wife, right along with their tribe of three kids. If you thought Hemsworth himself was active and leading a fit life, you should see how the whole family shares an active lifestyle together.

The Hemsworth clan does seem to spend a ton of time together despite its patriarch being heavily active in the film industry. Their relocation to Australia may have something to do with this, as the couple decided to move their family “down under” to Byron Bay in order to get their kids back to nature and out of the formalities of LA. The family made the big move to Australia back in 2020 during the pandemic, and it seems to suit them. I mean, where else are you going to find a kangaroo to share a Valentine’s Day kiss with? 

While Chris Hemsworth may not be present in his adorable Valentine’s Day photo of his wife and fellow Australian, we’ll soon be seeing plenty of the star. He’s got a number of films coming up in 2022, including the highly anticipated Marvel film Thor: Love and Thunder

The upcoming Thor film will release to theaters this summer on July 8th, and we’ll also be seeing him in Netflix's Spiderhead sometime this year. Extraction 2 is also filming and pushing the star to his fitness limits. Fans will be seeing him and those massive muscles when he portrays Hulk Hogan in a biopic sometime in the future as well. With Chris Hemsworth's film career nowhere near slowing down and his family life seemingly healthy, it looks like his exit from life in Hollywood has been a pretty solid life choice. Here's to more merriment from his family and more sweet run-ins with kangaroos.

Carlie Hoke
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