Cue The Awws, As Chris Hemsworth Shared An Adorable Photo Of His Kids Dressed As Thor On Their Birthday

Chris Hemsworth in Thor
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

There are some pretty big stars that are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and many of them have kids that are also fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’ve learned now and then that the children of many MCU stars have a favorite hero that is someone other than who their parent plays on the screen, but Chris Hemsworth apparently doesn’t have that problem. At least not yet.

Chris Hemsworth has twin eight-year-old boys and they recently celebrated their birthday, and they did with dad’s particular MCU style. Both kids were dressed as Thor for their birthday and Hemsworth shared the image to Instagram. Whether this was because that was the hero they wanted to be, or because dad insisted upon it, isn’t entirely clear.  

Chris Hemsworth says his kids aren’t allowed to dress up as any other heroes and while I’m sure he’s having some fun, I’m not sure which scenario is best. It might be a little upsetting as a dad if your kids like another Marvel hero more than Thor. At the same time, having your own kids dressed up like you is also a little weird.

But honestly, when you’re eight-years-old your favorite superhero probably is the one your dad gets to play in the movies. At some point these kids will probably become old enough that dressing up like their dad will be the least cool thing imaginable, so hopefully Chris Hemsworth and his wife are enjoying this phase of their lives. 

And it’s hard to not find this picture completely adorable. Even if one can imagine this will be a picture that, a few years from now, these kids might not want to see. Maybe by then they’ll both be serious Loki fans just as a way of messing with their dad. 

Maybe these kids could reuse their costumes at the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder. The next Thor movie, the first character in the franchise to get a solo fourth movie, is set to come out later this year. While there are some pretty significant plot points that we’ve known about since the film was announced, mainly the fact that Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster will become The Mighty Thor, the rest of it, and how we will get there is very much still a mystery.

Whatever Chris Hemsworth's future as Thor will be, if this next movie is the end of his story or not, the upcoming film should be a big turning point the MCU that has the potential to create a lot of new Thor fans. But for Hemsworth, it looks like the two most important fans will be there with him, and next Halloween is going to be pretty awesome.  

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