Chris Pine Shares Funny Story Of The Oscars ‘First’ He Experienced This Year, And Joey Lawrence Is Involved

Chris Pine in Star Trek Beyond
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There are a number of celebrities who have had their hilarious or unusual moments while attending the Oscars ceremony. Star Trek actor Chris Pine has got his own story from the 2022 Academy Awards to share that would humor us, but keep his eyes rolling. Chris Pine shares a funny story he experienced at the Oscars that was a “first” for him that involved fellow actor Joey Lawrence.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Chris Pine shared that as he was about to leave an Oscars party, a guy stopped Pine saying he recognized him. As Pine was annoyed at the idea of yet another person reminding him of who he was, it turned out this guy thought he was Blossom’s Joey Lawrence. He acknowledged that this will be a moment he will remember for the rest of his life.

I was out this weekend, went to a couple parties and it was alright. I was at one and I was about to go and this guy stopped me and he's like, 'I know you.' I was like, 'God, this again' — and he's like, 'Joey Lawrence!’ Not quite. But thank you I’m trying to remember that for the rest of my life.

Chris Pine also explained that when he revealed he was not Joey Lawrence, the guy demanded to know who the Wonder Woman star was. Pine responded sarcastically and told them he was another famous Hollywood Chris. In his words,

So then he stopped me. He’s like Joey Lawrence, I said no. He’s like ‘Come on, man. Tell me, who are you?’ I was like ‘Chris Evans, Captain America.’

Pine went on to tell Jimmy Kimmel that Joey Lawrence was not the first celebrity he had been mistaken for. He has been confused for Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, and Matt Damon. Honestly, Chris Pine doesn’t give me Joey Lawrence vibes unless he can show me how he would say “Whoa!” I would say the Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood mix-up would be more believable. Their likeness is so extraordinary that I’m still waiting for the two of them to star in a movie together.

Sometimes, it can be considered an honor to be mistaken for a high profile celebrity like when a security guard mistook Mark Hamill for Steven Spielberg on the Star Wars set. Well, that’s better than Tina Fey’s experience of being mistaken for a prostitute. A clever suggestion would be to maybe do your homework before you make assumptions about who someone is in the future.

Chris Pine has plenty of movies up his sleeve for us to see in the near future. One of them is Star Trek 4 taking a big step forward with filming happening later this year. He will also star in a Dungeons & Dragons movie along with casting from the Fast and Furious franchise and Detective Pikachu. Hopefully once these movies come out, audiences will recognize that Chris Pine was the star of them.

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