Chris Pratt Reposted Photo Of Avengers: Endgame Directors As Mario And Luigi, And I Can’t Look Away

Mario and Luigi about to fist bump in the Super Mario Bros. Movie
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Comparing the Russo Brothers to the Super Mario Bros is not something that likely ever would have crossed my mind until I saw Chris Pratt’s Instagram story. But, nevertheless here we are, someone has photoshopped Mario and Luigi hats and mustaches onto Anthony and Joe Russo, and I can’t look away. 

With The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer being released, we got our first looks at lots of beloved characters including, Princess Peach, Toad and Mario’s brother Luigi. This movie has been highly talked about and memed for a while now, but this joke takes the cake for me. This is because the Avengers: Endgame directors do kind of resemble the two plumber brothers from the iconic video games. Check it out: 

Chirs Pratt reposted a photo of Mario and Luigi and the Russo brothers with the hats photoshopped onto their heads to show the resemblance between the two

(Image credit: Chris Pratt's Instagram)

Not only does Chris Pratt have a hilarious sense of humor about the comparison, the Russo brothers also acknowledged the resemblance in a funny way, commenting on @agbofilms original Instagram post:  

Mario and Luigi are actually our middle names…

Well, I highly doubt that is true, but they do low-key look like the iconic video game brothers, especially when you add the hats. I mean since Joe Russo is a bit shorter than Anthony Russo, along with this Photoshop job, I can totally see the resemblance, and I personally think it would be quite fun to see them pop up for a small cameo in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie

Now, as for Chris Pratt, his casting in the upcoming movie has caused some controversy. People have not been a fan of Pratt doing an Italian accent for the movie, like the one Mario has in the games, but an actor in the film Khary Payton, clarified that Pratt is doing more of a New York, Italian accent. A producer on the film also commented on the backlash, saying they understand the complaint, and that Charlie Day, who is playing Luigi is Italian American. 

Despite the backlash, there is a lot of excitement surrounding this movie. I know I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the trailers and can’t wait to see it next year. Based on the Russos’ comment it seems like they’re also excited about the movie, and are in the mood for the silliness it’s bound to bring. 

If you’ve watched the Marvel movies in order, you’ll know that the brothers have worked with Pratt a few times on Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, so I’d imagine they’re all for supporting the actor on his latest project. 

Along with The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Pratt is also starring in one of the major upcoming Marvel movies this year. He’ll reprise his role as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which is scheduled on the 2023 film schedule for May 5 about a month after the release of the Mario movie.

So, while we await this highly anticipated video game adaptation to come out on April 7, you can go back at watch both the Russo brothers’ Marvel movies, and Pratt’s MCU films as well with a Disney+ subscription

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