CODA: What The Cast Of The Best Picture Winner Is Doing Next

Ruby signing to her family from the car as she rides away
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The Academy Awards have come and gone with some crazy moments and great wins, but nothing was quite as historic as CODA, the Apple TV+ original movie, winning Best Picture, making it the first ever streaming movie to ever win the award. With a moving storyline, brilliant performances (including an award-winning one from Troy Kotsur) and so much more, CODA was the perfect choice. 

However, now that the movie has won the biggest award in Hollywood, where is the CODA cast going to go next? From its lead, Emilia Jones, to the rest of the brilliant supporting cast, this is what the cast of CODA is working on in the near future that you should keep an eye out for. 

Emilia Jones in Coda.

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Emilia Jones (Ruby Rossi)

Ruby was such an easy protagonist to root for in CODA, and she was played by the lovely Emilia Jones, a young actress who had so much talent to offer. If you’ve heard of her name before, that shouldn’t be surprising, as Emilia Jones starred in the hit Netflix series, Locke & Key. And, while it’s confirmed that the series is set to end after its third season, we will be seeing her return for Season 3. 

Other than that, Jones is also going to be starring in the psychological thriller, Cat Person, alongside Nicholas Braun, according to Deadline, detailing the story of a relationship between a college student and an older man. 

Eugenio Derbez in Coda.

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Eugenio Derbez (Bernardo “Mr. V” Villalobos)

Mr. V was a freaking king and he made sure that Ruby, no matter what, would have some kind of successful future despite what her family originally wanted. Eugenio Derbez played Mr. V in CODA - otherwise known as Bernardo Villalobos - but don’t say his name if you can’t roll the R’s. 

Eugenio Derbez has plenty of new stuff coming up. Soon, Derbez is starring in The Valet according to Deadline, and that film will be dropping on Hulu on May 20th. Actress Samara Weaving, known for rolls in Ready or Not and Nine Perfect Strangers, will also star alongside him. 

Derbez is also set to star in Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe with Eva Longoria, according to Deadline. The film tells the coming of age story of two boys who meet in the summer of 1987 and it changes their lives forever. 

It was also announced via Variety in 2018 that Derbez was set to star in The Three Tenors, an original comedy film, but there’s been no news about that since then, so we'll have to wait and see if that's still on the table for him.  

Troy Kotsur in CODA

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Troy Kotsur (Frank Rossi)

Was anyone else moved to tears by Frank Rossi? Because I was a sobbing mess in a good way - it’s no wonder Troy Kotsur (who recently worked on The Mandalorian) won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, because he was fantastic in CODA and deserves all the praise in the world. 

Coming up, Kotsur is set to star in the new sports drama, Flash Before the Bang, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He is going to be starring in it beside Nyle DiMarco and Deanne Bray, and it tells the story of an all-deaf high school track and field team that became state champions despite many obstacles in their way. I, for one, can’t wait to see this - and I now I’m going to check out more of Troy Kotsur's other projects in the meantime. 

Daniel Durant in Coda.

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Daniel Durant (Leo Rossi)

You know…I see why Gertie had a thing for Leo because damn. 

Anyway, my silliness aside, Leo Rossi in CODA was the best interpretation of an older brother I think I’ve seen in cinema ever - it was like watching me and my brother on screen, and he was played by Daniel Durant. 

While Daniel Durant doesn’t have anything coming up soon in terms of major TV shows or movies, he has been working on a new short film called Milestone, according to DCIST. The film is completely in American Sign Language, and tells the story of a couple who has lost their son in a car accident, so they look to therapy to try and deal with their grief - ending in strange, disastrous results. 

Marlee Matlin in Coda.

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Marlee Matlin (Jackie Rossi)

Another great character in CODA was Jackie Rossi, the mother of Ruby, and she was played by Marlee Matlin. Matlin appears in the film, Run, according to the film’s official website, telling the story of a young mechanic who has been disconnected from society for some time, but one night changes his life forever. It has yet to come out, but you can watch the Run trailer right now

Ferdia Walsh-Peelo in Coda.

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Ferdia Walsh-Peelo (Miles)

CODA had Miles as the perfect example of weird, teenage relationships and how everything is always awkward at first, and he was played by Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, a young Irish actor who has appeared in shows such as Vikings, as well as the film, Here Are the Young Men. 

In terms of what he has coming out, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo is set to appear in the new FX miniseries, Pistol, according to NME. The series will tell the story of the Sex Pistols, the iconic punk band, and Walsh-Peelo will portray Nick Kent, a famous rock critic. 

Amy Forsyth in Coda.

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Amy Forsyth (Gertie)

Next up, we have Gertie, the best friend of Ruby and an all-around supporter of her friend’s dream - who ended up having a relationship with Ruby’s brother. Amy Forsyth portrayed Gertie in CODA, and has been keeping busy since the film premiered on Apple TV+. 

To start, Forsyth was a part of The Gilded Age on HBO, playing Caroline Astor, and with The Gilded Age renewed for Season 2, we just might get to see her again, but with nothing confirmed, the most we can do is hope. Forsyth is also set to appear in the Apple TV+ series, Dear Edward, according to Deadline, which tells the story of a sole survivor of a plane crash and his life following the tragedy. 

Kevin Chapman in Coda.

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Kevin Chapman (Brady)

Last but not least, we have Kevin Chapman, who played Brady in CODA, one of the fishermen that Ruby and her family worked with. Since working on CODA, Kevin Chapman has appeared in a variety of TV shows, including the hit Showtime series, Billions, Kevin Can F**k Himself, The Equalizer, and more. 

While Chapman doesn't have anything new coming up soon, he does post often on his Twitter feed and uses it as a way to promote his films and TV appearances, and talk about other ventures in his life. 

If you were a fan of CODA as much as I was, you’ll definitely want to know where these actors are going next. I’m so eager to see what they have coming down the line. Now, if you don’t mind me, I’m going to re-watch Locke & Key before Season 3. 

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