Dwayne Johnson Had A Little Too Much Fun With The Tequila, Then Went Full Dwanta Claus

Yesterday was Christmas and so for a lot of us that meant hanging out with friends and family, relaxing and having a good time. And as in most things, it looks like The Rock did it better, or at least bigger, than most of us when it comes to celebrating. He may have over-indulged a tad in the tequila, but he clearly was enjoying himself, and we got a peak at the fun as well. 

Dwayne Johnson is dressed as Santa, though it looks like he’s wearing Santa’s robe more than his coat, and singing a Christmas song in a post that went up on Instagram yesterday. He’s just making up the words to “A Christmas Song” as he goes along, and honestly, they become close to gibberish, which Dwayne Johnson blames on the tequila, because of course he was going to get a plug-in for something. Check it out.

The highlight is actually the giggle from whoever is filming The Rock when he asks who wants to sit on his lap. It gets cut off as the video comes to a close and whoever Johnson asked to film him was not expecting it.

While this was, in many ways, just a commercial for The Rock’s tequila brand, it’s still a fun little clip showing that Dwayne Johnson had some fun at Christmas, and honestly, one hopes everybody did. Nothing wrong with overdoing the tequila every once in a while as long as you’re not driving, and Christmas is a good day for it.

And Dwayne Johnson has every reason to want a drink or two at the end of the year, it’s been a wild ride for the actor in 2022. While Johnson has remained among the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, 2022, was the year of DC, where he appeared in two films, the animated League of Super-Pets and the live-action Black Adam, and neither film was a runaway success. Black Adam has even been a film surrounded by controversy as there have been some minor battles over the question of whether or not the movie will actually be profitable.

We don’t really know what 2023 holds for Dwayne Johnson. He’s currently working on Red One with Chris Evans, a Christmas action movie that will hit Prime Video next holiday season. Johnson won't be the one dressed as Santa in that movie, it will be J.K Simmons, who will be an extremely buff Santa

After that, Johnson has many projects we’re expecting him to tackle, from a long-awaited sequel to San Andreas to a Jungle Cruise follow-up to a movie where The Rock plays Hawai’i’s King Kamehameha. Perhaps these will help put The Rock back on top, and then he can overdo the tequila in celebration. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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