Ever Wondered What The Rock Sees On Red Carpets? Here’s An Awesome AF Photo Of Just That

The Rock on Red Notice
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Before the pandemic, red carpet premieres were a daily occurrence in Hollywood as new films and shows came out every week. Now, with safety and health protocols in place, seeing stars on the red carpet again has become an anomaly. The return of the Hollywood premiere didn’t bypass Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson either. The actor had to take at the moment as his new Netflix film Red Notice had its official premiere in Los Angeles. And Johnson decided to give fans a peek into what he sees on red carpets.

The Red Notice star took to his Instagram feed to give his followers the red carpet treatment. Being the star he is, The Rock gave them his perspective on what being at a movie premiere is like. The photo gave fans a fresh look at the red-carpet chaos. To see what facing the press’s flashing cameras is like, check out the Jungle Cruise star’s post below:

Just from looking at the photo, The Rock seemed to be grateful for the moment. After a year of no red carpet events, the Hollywood star wanted to give his followers a taste of how the entertainment epicenter is slowly returning to normal. The bright camera lights seemed a bit overwhelming and intrusive. But having been in Hollywood for decades, the Black Adam star appeared to be fine with the frenzy. Despite being thrown into the organized chaos, he still showed some gratitude by shouting out his photographer for capturing the lone instance.

Besides witnessing the red carpet firsthand, followers could barely see past The Rock’s massive physique. The photog flashes highlighted every muscle popping in his crush velvet suit. Getting a back view of the Young Rock creator was all about lats and trapezoids. Fans got to see how his workout regime for Black Adam paid off. At least, he got to get dressed up and walk the red carpet after a year of Zoom interviews and virtual conferences.

That wouldn’t be the first time The Rock’s physical prowess has come up concerning Red Notice. With the actor co-starring with Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds, the inevitable question came up – which one of their superhero personas would win in a fight? Of course, Reynolds named the Hobs & Shaw star as the winner. While a DCEU-MCU crossover may never happen, it would be fun to see Black Adam, Wonder Woman and Black Adam share the big screen.

Red carpet premieres will become a regularity for The Rock again with multiple projects coming up. Hopefully, as red carpets come back, followers will get more photos like his recent post in the future. To see what the premier madness was all about, check out the actor in Red Notice, which drops on Netflix on Nov. 12.

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