Ryan Reynolds Weighs In On Whether Black Adam, Deadpool Or Wonder Woman Would Win A Fight

The Red Notice cast
(Image credit: Netflix)

Red Notice is finally out on Netflix, and the Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot action movie is poised to be a big success on the streamer. The film will be huge simply due to the fact that it features three massive stars coming together in what looks like a fun time for fans of the actors and a big draw for Netflix. All three stars just so happen to be superheroes, and Ryan Reynolds has weighed in on whether Black Adam, Deadpool, or Wonder Woman would win in a fight. 

Red Notice features three actors who play major comic book characters and super-powered individuals, so of course, the question of “who would win in a fight?” would come up. While on the red carpet for the premiere of Red Notice, Ryan Reynolds spoke to ET Online about the new film. When asked about which of the three stars superheroes would win in a fight, Reynolds had a funny and interesting answer saying:

Dwayne's gonna go just right away with Black Adam, I think. Gal's gonna have a little humility about it and say Wonder Woman or probably Black Adam, and I'm just gonna go with Wonder Woman.

Ryan Reynolds is going with Wonder Woman after breaking down what his co-stars would likely choose. Black Adam is basically a demi-god, and Wonder Woman is incredibly powerful, so Deadpool is probably the odd man out when it comes to who would actually win in a fight. If we have learned anything from the Deadpool movies, is that anything is possible when you can break the fourth wall like Deadpool can. 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the latest of his Red Notice co-stars to play a superhero, as Black Adam is set to release in 2022, and judging from the first look at the film, looks very interesting. Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot recently described their co-star, and it got weird as the puns about rocks were getting tossed around. Red Notice is ripe with quips between the three stars and will undoubtedly be a big deal for Netflix.

Ryan Reynolds is on a roll, with this summer’s Free Guy becoming a smash hit, Red Notice, and of course, the continued success and impact of Deadpool. Reynolds recently explained how he learned some valuable lessons from his much-maligned Green Lantern movie and how they led to Deadpool working so well. Deadpool 2’s Zazie Beetz would love to do a Domino solo movie, so now it’s possible Deadpool could have its own spin-offs. 

Ryan Reynolds is apparently going to take a break from acting now that he has wrapped filming his new movie with Will Ferrell. His wife, Blake Lively, has trolled Reynolds after saying he is taking a “sabbatical” from acting in a hilarious comment. It might be a while before fans get Deadpool 3, but hopefully, the time off allows Marvel to figure out how to get the character integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We cant wait to see what's next for Ryan Reynolds.

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