Fast And Furious Newcomer Jason Momoa Teases Scenes With Charlize Theron’s Cipher

Aquaman's Jason Momoa and Fate of the Furious' Charlize Theron side by side
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Having boosted his profile playing Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe and Duncan Idaho in Dune (among other projects), Jason Momoa is now gearing up to join another major franchise. His lineup of upcoming movies includes Fast & Furious 10, and Momoa confirmed in early March that he’ll star as a villain antagonizing Dominic Toretto and his crew. Now the actor is teasing that he’ll share some scenes with a fellow Fast & Furious baddie, Charlize Theron’s Cipher.

Although Vin Diesel shared back in late February that Fast & Furious 10 would be shooting in London, England, among other locations, Tyrese Gibson’s recent update perhaps indicated that principal photography hasn’t begun just yet. Whether that’s the case or not, Jason Momoa has yet to get in front of the camera, but here’s what he had to say about his Fast & Furious character while speaking with ET:

He's amazing. He's ornery. He's misunderstood. I get to shoot with some really cool people that I have never -- I get to work with Charlize [Theron] first up, which I'm really excited about. She's amazing. Then I get to go to some cool places. Obviously work with the whole cast -- most of the cast.

Cipher was introduced in The Fate of the Furious, but we learned in that movie that she was also tied to the threats that unfolded in Fast & Furious 6 and Furious 7. In other words, Charlize Theron’s character has been causing trouble in the Fast & Furious universe for a long time, so it’s not terribly surprising to learn that Jason Momoa’s still-unnamed character will cross paths with her. Is this individual her new partner-in-crime/minion, like John Cena’s Jakob Toretto initially was in F9, or is he a criminal pursuing his own agenda that’s in conflict with whatever Cipher has planned? That’s to be determined, but Momoa is clearly eager to be performing opposite Theron.

So far Jason Momoa is one of only two new actors who have been announced for Fast & Furious 10. The other is The Suicide Squad’s Daniela Melchior, though we don’t know anything about her character yet. Among the familiar faces who will be joining Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson for this round of car-centric shenanigans are Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris, Sung Kang, Nathalie Emmanuel and Cardi B, the latter of whom debuted as Leysa in F9.  

While the Fast & Furious franchise as a whole is sticking around for a long time thanks to spinoffs like Hobbs & Shaw 2 and a movie centered on Charlize Theron’s Cipher, Fast & Furious 10 will mark the beginning of the end of the main saga. The film series that kicked off with 2001’s The Fast and the Furious will end with Fast & Furious 11, so Jason Momoa is lucky he was brought aboard before this “race” reached the finish line. Hopefully Momoa has as much fun shooting with Theron as he’s anticipating.

Fast & Furious 10 comes out on May 19, 2023. For those who still haven’t seen F9, it can be streamed with an HBO Max subscription.

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