Florence Pugh’s Don’t Worry Darling Press Dates Add Fuel To Feud Rumor Fire

Florence Pugh looking straight ahead in teary panic in Don't Worry Darling.
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Speculation around Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde’s rumored feud has only grown over the last few weeks. Now, it's been revealed that Pugh will be doing limited press for Don’t Worry Darling after its premiere at the Venice Film Festival. This has only added more fuel to the fire that the two might not be on good terms.

Three executives connected to Don't Worry Darling and one person who knows about Pugh’s involvement in the film declined to “confirm any further press plans" after the aforementioned festival. She is doing some press; in fact, the actress will fly in from Budapest, where she is filming Dune 2, for the premiere and the red carpet. She'll then go back to filming, which is something a studio exec told The Wrap was in the plan.

She’ll be doing greetings for us from the set of ‘Dune’ because she’s not doing press.

Pugh is a part of the Dune 2 cast and has been doing prep for the film as the Frank Herbert sequel started filming back in July. Both films are being released by Warner Bros., and it was alleged expected that Pugh would do limited press for Don’t Worry Darling. However, with all the rumors surrounding Wilde’s sophomore film, it also seems like further evidence that the alluded to fallout between the director and Pugh could be a real. 

A Brief History Of The Rumors Surrounding Don't Worry Darling

The biggest point of contention regards the two's seemingly conflicting comments on the sex scenes in Don’t Worry Darling. Wilde has focused on female pleasure and said that she wants viewers to “realize how rarely they see female hunger." 

After the trailer dropped, Pugh responded to the people obsessing over the sex scenes she filmed with Harry Styles. She said they did not make the movie to “watch the most famous man in the world go down on someone.” The actress continued by saying she did not want to discuss that because the movie and the people who made it are “bigger and better than that.” 

Though not confirmed, it has also been rumored that Pugh is making significantly less than her co-star Harry Styles. The actress allegedly made $700,000 while Styles made $2.5 million. Also of note, Pugh has been in more movies than Styles and is the main character in Don’t Worry Darling. 

Outside of Pugh, there's been additional Don't Worry Darling talk related to personal relationships, as well. Styles, who joined the cast after Shia LaBeouf was either fired or quit, plays Pugh’s love interest. Wilde has been in the middle of a custody battle with her ex Jason Sudeikis; Wilde was served custody papers on stage at CinemaCon from her ex while promoting the film. She has spoken about her feelings on the situation saying, “In any other workplace, it would be seen as an attack. It was really upsetting.” 

There seems to be new drama coming up every week surrounding Don't Worry Darling. With the film scheduled to premiere in Venice soon and with its wide release hitting the 2022 movies schedule next month, who knows what will happen next? One thing we do know: The likelihood of hearing Florence Pugh’s take on it is slim.  

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