Gary Busey Responds To Sexual Assault Allegations Following Arrest In New Jersey

Gary Busey found himself in serious legal trouble over the weekend when the actor was charged with four counts, including two counts of criminal sexual contact, stemming from an incident that took place in New Jersey, earlier in the month. While details are scarce regarding exactly what happened. Busey has now spoken out and denied any and all wrongdoing, and given a bit of detail regarding where this alleged incident took place.

A photographer caught up with Gary Busey while he was getting gas in his home town of Malibu and asked the actor if he was guilty of any of the charges against him. The video has been posted to TMZ. Busey denied everything, claiming that the women pressing charges against him made up the entire story. While it’s still unclear what they are saying happened at the recent Monster Mania Convention in Cherry Hill, NJ, Busey says the alleged incident took place during a photo op. Busey said…

No I don’t carry any regrets with me ever… Nothing. None of that happened. There was my partner and the camera lady and me, two girls. The owner was in there. It took less than ten seconds. Then they left. Then they made up a story that I assaulted them sexually but I did not.

So according to Gary Busey, who has starred in films like Point Break and appeared in a variety of reality shows including The Apprentice,  he spent no more than a few seconds with the women who are pressing charges, and they all parted company without incident. This assumes, of course, that this is the incident that is at issue in the criminal complaint. While the announcement of the charges from the Cherry Hill, NJ police laid out the charges, it is, for obvious reasons, short on the specifics. 

However while Busey claims nothing happened, a statement from the Monster Mania convention claims that they received the complaint form the women in question shortly after the event transpired, and that Busey was asked to leave immediately.

Whatever the situation, the police felt, following the investigation, that there was sufficient evidence to file the charges. If there were other people in the room we can assume the police at least attempted to speak with them to get their perspective on what happened. 

Busey was even asked by the same photographer if there was any possibility that he did something accidentally, without realizing what may have happened, but Busey is maintaining that absolutely nothing happened, repeating…

Nothing happened. It was all false.

Gary Busey has had an interesting and somewhat wild career, especially in recent years, though Busey’s only other dealing with the law in the last 10 years was a bankruptcy filing. With charges now filed against Gary Busey it would seem we will likely be hearing more about what allegedly transpired here. One has to wonder if even the allegations will be enough to have an impact on Busey’s career as he has a pair of film projects reportedly in pre-production.  

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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