Jack In The Box Introduced Pineapple Express Shakes, And Seth Rogen Had A Pretty Harsh Response About The Food

Seth Rogen in Pineapple Express
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It’s not uncommon for fast food restaurants to craft promotional tie-ins for high-profile film and TV productions. At some point in our lives, many of us have possessed a cool Disney-related kids’ meal toy, sipped from a limited edition Batman mug or even chowed down on a Darth Vader burger (yes, that last one exists). However, said ventures are usually done in tandem with the studios and creative forces behind the production. It would appear that Jack in the Box didn’t take such an approach when promoting a Pineapple Express shake, based on Seth Rogen’s harsh response. 

Jack in the Box revealed the beverage this past week, which will be available to patrons on 4/20 (the marijuana holiday) for the price of $4.20. The new item and its release date greatly connect to the stoner comedy of the same name. Seth Rogen, who wrote and acted in the film, has been understandably protective of it over the years. So when he caught wind of the fast food chain’s marketing move, he took to Twitter to share some less-than-glowing thoughts on its drink and another one other food offering:

This has nothing to do with the movie Pineapple Express. We had nothing to do with this and weren’t asked if we wanted our film associated with this. And obviously if we did a tie in, it would have to be to promote those bizarre fucking diarrhea inducing taco things they sell.

Tell us how you really fell, Mr. Rogen. It may be surprising to many that neither he nor any of the film’s other creatives would be consulted during the product’s development. However, in the comments of the actor’s post, some argue that Pineapple Express, a strain of weed that wasn’t actually smoked on set, predates the movie and that the restaurant may not necessarily be referencing it. As of this writing, Jack in the Box has not confirm any kind of connection to the Sony Pictures production.

To be fair, the brand of weed did indeed gain a significant amount of notoriety after the Judd Apatow-directed flick hit theaters in 2008. The cult classic centers on a process server, Seth Rogen’s character, and his drug dealer, played by James Franco, who attempt to dodge hitmen and a corrupt cop after the former witnesses a murder. The movie received mostly positive reviews when it was released, and it became a box office hit. It’d be an understatement to say that it left a mark on pop culture, as many of the jokes – one of which Franco stole from Rogen – are still quoted to this day.

Over the past decade, fans have wondered if the creative masterminds behind the movie might produce a sequel. Seth Rogen expressed a desire to do a follow-up and even shared. Despite that, he doesn’t seem too optimistic about the chances of one actually happening. He’s still had fun honoring the current installment in other ways, though. This includes sharing fun trivia facts about it and paying tribute through his weed company

The continued love for Pineapple Express paired with Hollywood’s current desire for sequels could help get a sequel going. Yet if one does come to fruition, I doubt it would have any kind of promotional campaign involving Jack in the Box.

With 4/20 on the way, now may be a good time for longtime fans and first-time viewers to stream Pineapple Express using an Amazon Prime subscription.

Erik Swann
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