Jason Momoa And James Corden Have Semi-Naked BBQ And Engage In Tortilla Slap Challenge To Finish Off The Summer

James Corden and Jason Momoa summer montage 2022
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Blockbuster season is slowing down and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are being sold, so it must be the final days of summer. As we get ready for the many holiday seasons ahead, James Corden and Jason Momoa said their farewells to summer with an eventful montage that involved the pair getting practically naked for a BBQ and trying out the Tortilla Slap Challenge. Classic, am I right? 

On an episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden this week, the host teamed up with the Aquaman star to do a funny ode to summer. Check it out: 

OK, so a lot just happened. As Corden and Momoa joked in the sketch, they didn’t have much time this summer to have their Momoa-Corden Hot Boy Summer 2022, so they decided to make a montage instead. The three-minute video involves the duo enjoying some mai tais, going fishing, wearing matching Justin Bieber merchandise, doing TikTok dances, crashing their car and having a BBQ gone wrong, all under the clear guise of green screen. 

The moment the pair really went there with their friendship is in one moment where they are practically naked, only appearing to wear matching aprons. Here’s the moment from the video we certainly didn’t expect to appear on our screens: 

James Corden and Jason Momoa naked BBQ

(Image credit: CBS)

When Jason Momoa was on The Late Late Show's couch a week earlier, the pair also got in a bit of a heated discussion about the Aquaman actor saying he has a “dad bod” after having a recent hernia surgery. By the content in their recent video, he kind of knows what he’s talking about seeing as he’s been so close and personal with Momoa. 

In the final moments of the video, Momoa and Corden are also seen engaging in The Tortilla Slap Challenge, which has gone viral on TikTok recently. This involves players filling their mouths with water and then literally slapping each other with tortillas, with the object of the game being not to spit out the water in their mouth. In their attempt at the challenge, neither of them really won. Momoa slapped Corden and he instantly spit out the water, leading Momoa to laugh and spit out the water in his mouth. 

Yes, it’s quite the random video from Corden and Momoa, but it seems like the pair really get along. James Corden is no stranger to doing wild things with his famous guests who are promoting one of his projects. Recently, the host also went with Tom Cruise to fly fighter jets Top Gun-style after previously jumping out of a plane with the actor while he was promoting the last Mission: Impossible movie.  

James Corden is set to leave his late night show in 2023 after taking over The Late Late Show in 2015, so perhaps getting a bit naked with Jason Momoa was on his series bucket list. Jason Momoa’s Apple TV+ series See recently began its third and last season. You can also check out the actor in upcoming movies like Netflix’s Slumberland, hitting Netflix this November 18. Also, mark your calendars for the return of his DC hero in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, now hitting theaters on December 25, 2023

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