Jason Momoa Ate A Lot Of Food While Filming Fast X In Italy, And It Sounds Like His Dad Bod Made A Return Appearance

A couple of months ago, we learned Jason Momoa had undergone hernia surgery just before his appearance at the 2022 Oscars. At the time, he joked he needed it because he was “getting old,” but it was hardly the best time for such a momentous surgery, as the action-oriented actor was joining the Fast X cast right around the corner. As it turns out, he started filming the tenth franchise flick in Italy before he’d even been greenlighted to start working out again. As a direct result, his “dad bod” has seemingly made a return appearance. 

Jason Momoa was actually super active during his time filming the Fast sequel in Italy, hiring the Hell’s Angels to keep the paparazzi at bay and taking in all the sights he possibly could, even dealing with a faux pas in the process. Another thing he apparently did was eat, and if a dad bod is the small price one pays for great Italian food, so be it. As his work in Rome for Fast X was wrapping, he finally got the go-ahead to return to the gym and seemingly couldn’t be happier about it on his Stories, despite the Aquaman star previously saying he was much more of a rock climber and really doesn't enjoy working out.

Italy! Look what you’ve done to me! See all that love [points at tummy]?... I used to be a rock climber, now I can barely do pull-ups. This is my official day I’m allowed to work out. It’s been six weeks since I had hernia surgery. So, I’ve been trying to get back in shape this week…So, it’s back to work. It’s been almost the middle of Aquaman since I’ve been able to work out. So, here we are at [a] hotel. It’s not the Iron Paradise, but we’re gonna get this.

This isn’t the first time Jason Momoa has sported a “dad bod” and it probably won’t be the last, though he’s never seemed bothered when he’s a little less Aquaman-ready than usual. Along with the Instagram Stories post, Momoa shared some war stories about what he’s put his body through in recent years, also talking about messing up his long head biceps in a separate post from the same gym. 

Unfortunately, the whole “getting back into shape” thing may have come a little too soon, as just a few short days later, Momoa shared another post on Instagram where he showed himself getting an MRI. He didn’t clarify what happened or what it was for, though People later explained it was a “precaution." 

Actors have stunt doubles to help them through some of the toughest moments on movies, but as we’ve seen in the past, a lot of times actors from Karen Gillan to Keanu Reeves like to do what they can while filming on set. Henry Cavill, for example, was injured filming his own stuff for The Witcher Season 2, and while Momoa underwent the surgery after Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom wrapped, he said he'd gotten the injury "throwing bodies around," seemingly while shooting the DC movie.

But hey, at least he seems to have been able to eat a lot of great food while in Italy.

Jessica Rawden
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