Jason Momoa Gives Fans A Sneak Peek At Fast X Set: ‘Day 2 Of Getting My Ass Kicked’

Jason Momoa in Dune
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Out of all of the facts we know about Fast X, the fact that Jason Momoa will be returning to his roots of playing a villain is one of the most exciting things to keep in mind. With Vin Diesel announcing production is back on track, it should be green lights straight into 2023. Keeping in line with that tide of good news, Momoa gave fans a sneak peek of the film’s set, noting that he is indeed getting his ass kicked on the penultimate entry in the Fast Saga

Showing the briefest glimpse of his Fast X workplace, the Game of Thrones veteran shared these visuals on an Instagram story. You can quickly see some muscle cars parked on the set, with a whole bunch of blue screens forming a perimeter that’ll easily be transformed into an exciting venue of action. All throughout, Jason Momoa is costumed in a white shirt, and rocking his wavy hair, as you can see in the photo below:

Jason Momoa walking in a white shirt, on the set of Fast X.

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Before you go on to talk about how the Fast Saga is inching ever closer to sci-fi territory, Momoa is indeed playing “the bad guy” in Fast X. A good thrashing is to be expected, and if Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and John Cena can get whipped in this long-running franchise, the former Khal Drogo is certainly no exception. That said, for a man who’s being beaten up in the name of entertainment, Jason Momoa is grinning quite a bit while talking about the process.

Part of that is probably because Momoa is one of those laid back guys that doesn’t take himself too seriously. Then again, it certainly doesn’t hurt that Universal seems to have embraced Mananalu Water, the eco-conscious water brand that Jason Momoa founded in his spare time. As the actor showed off his surroundings, he included an announcement that the studio has indeed gone green with their liquid refreshments.

Taking the time to show off the various water coolers and metal bottles of his hydration of choice, our Fast X star was nothing but smiles about the love and commitment to the cause. Momoa even showed off the recycling station, which completes the circle of “making the difference” he couldn’t help but brag about. Between this, and Jason Momoa’s eco-logical protests delaying Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, are we sure he isn’t really Aquaman in real life?

If you can get your ass kicked on a high caliber production like the Fast Saga and walk away smiling, you’re clearly in the right line of work. Momoa fits that bill to a tee, and this moment of joy he’s taken in that fact only makes looking forward to Fast X even more exciting. We’ll have to sadly wait until May 19, 2023, as that’s the current release date for this entry in the list of upcoming Jason Momoa movies. In the meantime, if you're looking to revisit F9 or Jason Momoa various appearances as Aquaman, HBO Max subscribers will be able to do just that.

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