Jeremy Renner Shares Sweet Message From His Nephew As Recovery Continues

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye
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2023 has been a rough year for Jeremy Renner. The actor has spent the entire year working through a severe injury after he was run over by his snowplow on New Year’s Day. While the actor’s injuries were reportedly quite serious, he’s made it through the worst of it and is now hard at work doing physical rehab. He recently showed off one key piece of motivation, a beautiful note from his nephew.

Renner has been using Instagram as his primary means of keeping fans updated with his progress. We’ve seen the occasional video or image posted as he goes through physical therapy and begins to work out slowly. Recently the Hawkeye actor shared a note he had received from his nephew, who wanted his uncle to know how lucky the nephew felt that his uncle was a superhero, and also still with us. Check it out.

note to Jeremy Renner from his nephew

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This note is incredibly touching. Considering the extent of the injuries Jeremy Renner received, including apparently over a dozen broken bones, every little bit of support certainly helps. It has to be tough sometimes to go through constant rehab. Based on what little we’ve seen, Renner still can’t even put a lot of weight on his legs yet. You have to find motivation where you can in that case, and this probably helps a lot.

You have to appreciate the bluntness of little kids. Anybody much older would have certainly danced around the fact that it sounds like Jeremy Renner truly could have died in his accident, but this kid comes out and says he’s glad his uncle is still alive. Also, he’s glad his uncle is an Avenger because seriously who wouldn’t be thrilled that their uncle was an actual superhero? Even I think that’s awesome.

To be clear, the nephew that wrote this note is not the same one that Renner was attempting to help when the initial accident occurred. Auggie is clearly pretty young, while the nephew that Renner helped, and possibly saved when he was hurt is of driving age. The actor has six younger siblings so there are probably many nieces and nephews of various ages.

At this point, we still don’t really know the larger prognosis of Jeremy Renner. He is certainly on the road to recovery, but how long that road will be is unclear. While recovery is more important than getting back to work, it seems likely that several of the actor’s upcoming projects will need to be delayed for him to finish his recuperation. 

Fans won't need to wait too long to see Jeremy Renner on screen, however. His new DIsney+ series, Rennervations, which he completed prior to the accident, is set to debut on April 12.  

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