Jeremy Renner Hypes His Disney+ Show While Offering Health Update

Jeremy Renner standing with his arms crossed in Mayor of Kingstown
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Hawkeye has had a pretty rough 2023. Jeremy Renner was involved in a serious snowplow accident that has left him with long term injuries. We still don’t know the full extent of what happened to the actor, but he seems to be on the mend, as he’s able to take the time to promote his upcoming Disney+ series, Rennervations, while informing fans that he is hard at work doing the necessary healing.

Jeremy Renner has been doing a lot of promotion of his current and upcoming work on Instagram in recent weeks. To be fair, there isn’t a great deal else that he is working on right now, beyond, as he says in a recent Instagram post, himself. He made the comment as almost an afterthought while posting a behind the scenes picture of his upcoming DIsney+ series.

Rennervations is an upcoming unscripted Disney+ series that sees Jeremy Renner combine two of his passions, philanthropy, and vehicles. In each episode Renner will visit a different part of the world, where a community is in need of something, and Renner will help build a unique vehicle to meet the need.

We’ve heard a great deal about the good work that Jeremy Renner has done as part of the outpouring of support that followed his accident. On New Year’s Day the Hawkeye actor was using his own snowplow to clear the roads at his home in Reno when the machine ran over him as he attempted to divert it from hitting his nephew.

Renner has posted a couple of updates from his hospital bed, to thank fans for their support and to keep those fans updated on his progress. There is surely a great deal of physical therapy happening. At the same time, considering that the actor reportedly has multiple broken bones, there is going to be a lot of healing that will be needed before some of that work can even begin. What does seem clear is that Renner is healing, though there may still be long term consequences from the accident that we don’t know about yet.

Rennerventions doesn’t have an official release date on Disney+ yet. It’s been expected to arrive early this year, which is why Renner has been promoting it on his social media accounts. Although, it’s possible we could see the show pushed back until such time as the star of the show is in a better position to promote it.

Fans will certainly wait to see Jeremy Renner’s new show if it means that his progress is going well. There are almost certainly new film and television projects that will need to be delayed due to this accident, but as long as the man is ok, that’s what matters. 

Dirk Libbey
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