Jeremy Renner Nods At Fan-Favorite Marvel Line While Sharing His Recovery Journey After Snowplow Accident

Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton in Avengers: Endgame
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On New Year's Eve, actor Jeremy Renner was in a serious accident that resulted in him being run over by his own snowplow while trying to clear the road near his home in Nevada. Since then, we've seen few glimpses of just how Renner has been holding up. But in a new social media post we have our best look at what he's doing and he's going full Avenger, promising fans that he'll be back, "whatever it takes."

In a recent post on Renner's Instagram, he included a short clip of him doing some time on the exercise bike. The video is shot from his point of view, so all we actually see are his legs going around, but he does include a small piece of text in one corner o the clip. It echos a famous line from Avengers: Endgame and says simply "Whatever it takes."

Jerry Renner exercising on Instagram

(Image credit: Jeremy Renner Instagram)

For the two months since the accident, the majority of Renner's Instagram posts have been of the promotional variety. He's been posting to celebrate a new episode of his Paramount+ show Mayor of Kingstown and to hype up his upcoming Disney+ show Rennervations. When we have received updates on his condition they've been in the form of still images, and as such it's hard to tell just how he's actually doing.

This video, while short, actually reveals a great deal. We know that he's up and around and working on an exercise bike. We can also see that he's taking it slow. He's only working out one leg at a time, and he's not putting his full weight on the bike. Clearly his injuries are such that he needs to take it slow.

That the recovery process is such that it will take a lot of time isn't exactly a shock. All reports have been that Renner's injuries were quite significant and that his life was very much in danger when he fell under his snowplow while reportedly trying to prevent the machine from hitting his nephew. The initial images of Renner that were posted immediately following the accident certainly showed he was pretty banged up. 

He honestly looks to have improved by light years based on what we're seeing here. The fact that he can even do this level of exercise shows that healing is happening. And with the drive that he has to get back "whatever it takes", it's clear Jeremy Renner is taking some inspiration from his own character, and giving this work the dedication of a hero. 

At some point, Jeremy Renner will feel up to giving interviews and we'll likely hear a lot more about what he has been through, and just what his prognosis is. Certainly, whatever work he was planning on doing has been put on hold, as right now he's simply trying to get his body back to full functionality. Whether or not Renner will play a superhero again is unknown, but if he does, it will be largely thanks to his superheroic efforts now. 

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