JLO Shares Sweet Photo Supporting Ben Affleck’s Movie Premiere

It’s always nice to see people in a relationship support each other. When one has a busy career it can be easy to get wrapped up in it and forget when your significant other also is doing something they care about. While Jennifer Lopez is one of those celebrities that seems to always be working on 12 different projects at once, she’s still able to take time out to support Ben Affleck when he has a major movie release.

Ben Affleck co-stars in The Last Duel, a new movie by Ridley Scott which, based on the early response, is quite the cinematic experience. The movie had its New York premier over the weekend, and Jennifer Lopez was there with Ben Affleck. She shared a pair of images showing that she was there for the event, but she let Ben Affleck have the spotlight. 

This is actually a pretty great set of images. The first just shows JLO leaning up against a pillar. She just looks like she posing for the camera with the backdrop of The Last Duel to confirm where she is and why. But then the second picture shows that she’s actually standing off to the side, while Ben Affleck is being interviewed. It’s unclear if the people doing the interviewing even know she’s right there.

It would be so easy for the pair to go everyplace arm in arm. They’re both such big stars and any pictures of the two of them together are going to be a bigger deal than pictures of each one alone, but there’s clearly no real desire here by JLO to take the spotlight.

While the relationship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez ended in a broken engagement the first time around, the pair have seemingly fallen right back in where they left off, all these years later. Much to the joy of fans.

And the support goes both ways. Recently Ben Affleck reportedly flew from Texas, where he’s in the middle of filming a movie, to New York, in order to watch Jennifer Lopez perform. They spent the weekend together and then he went back to work. I mean, it helps when you’re a movie star and flying halfway across the country is no big deal, but you still need to do the work.

Early reviews for The Last Duel have been quite strong and that’s probably especially good news for Ben Affleck. In addition to co-starring in the movie, he also co-wrote the screenplay, and even did so with his old Good Will Hunting buddy Matt Damon. The duo were joined by Nicole Holofcener.

At this point it seems unlikely that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are going to stop being adorable anytime soon. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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