Johnny Depp's Lawyers Respond To Amber Heard's Testimony, And Her Legal Team Claps Back

As Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation trial continues to progress, the testimony given by the Aquaman 2 star is currently the center of attention. With the story of Heard and Depp’s relationship continuing to unfold through the stories told on the stand, both legal teams have something to say about where things currently stand. However, as Team Depp has responded to the testimony, Team Heard has clapped back with their own counterclaims.

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How Johnny Depp’s Lawyers Responded To Amber Heard's Testimony

This week kicked off Amber Heard’s time on the stand, with further allegations of Johnny Depp’s supposed physical abuse marking only some of the stories being told during these proceedings. As such, People has reported on the statement that Depp’s legal team has made in response to Heard’s testimony. What you see below is only part of the statement made by Team Depp: 

While Ms. Heard's stories have continued to grow new and convenient details, Mr. Depp's recollections have remained exactly the same throughout the six painful years since her first allegations were made. His truth — the truth — is the same no matter the environment in which it has been presented.

The actress has also used her time to accuse her former spouse of cavity searches, on top of potentially giving his daughter weed as a teenager; stories one could assume are meant to impugn the former Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s character. From what the Oscar nominee's lawyers have said above, the accusation is that Mera actress' testimony seems to have changed from when such events may have occurred. This would fit with their overall strategy to discredit her 2018 Washington Post op-ed on domestic abuse, which sits at the heart of this latest trial.

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How Amber Heard’s Lawyers Responded To Team Depp's Statement

In defense of their client, Amber Heard’s laywers have struck back with their own statement on Johnny Depp. Again, we’re only pulling part of the remarks released, but even in this excerpt you can see that Team Heard is hitting back with details from Depp’s recent legal setbacks. Here now is a piece of the rebuttal from Amber Heard’s lawyers:

As evidenced by the statement just released, Mr. Depp's defamation claim is falling apart so rapidly that his counsel are turning from prosecutor to persecutor. They boast that Mr. Depp's story has not changed. If so, since he lost the Domestic Violence Restraining Order and he resoundingly lost the libel case in the UK, perhaps he should consider a new strategy rather than the recycled approach of attacking the victim, and refusing to take responsibility for his own conduct.

It appears that the point/counterpoint we’ve just witnessed is similar to that which was seen in the opening arguments between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s legal representatives. For as much as the point of inconsistency is brought up on both sides, the statements being made continue to be very much on message; right down to bringing up Johnny Depp’s loss in that 2020 libel suit. We’ll have to wait and see what this next week brings, as more stories from Heard will undoubtedly make it into the further testimony she gives in front of the court.

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